I'm buying some Sparco Milano II seats so have a question>>

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by DUB, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. DUB

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    I fitted a set of these to a car a few weeks ago. The rails mount the seats too far to the outside of the car. This was a 2+0. To get the seats to slide far enough back, I had to remove the recliner knob, even then the seat still hit the side trim at the door jam. Other than that, the steering wheel is way over to the left and it feels wrong with these seats fitted. You could probabl mod the rails to get them more centred or even make your own rails.
  3. DUB

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    Thankyou, I should have added I'm fitting them to my daily VYII ute so I'm just chasing the best place to buy them really. Just realised i put it in the wrong forum section. If the mods could adjust please.
  4. TeeJay

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    Don't forget that the drivers side base goes on the passenger side seat as they are labelled for a US vehicle.
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    LOL, well that changes everything then. Forget what I just said.
  6. DUB

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    No worries, cheers. I'm thinking the Pontiac GTO bases would be the right ones (Monaro) so just trying to confirm elsewhere whether or not it's the same floorpan as the ute.
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    Dunno if this is a better choice, but Pontiac G8's are VE commodores.... may not be good for a VYII tho

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