IB's Tarago Cruise - a few pics

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by OZ-300, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. OZ-300

    OZ-300 Godfather

    Do you mean the second pic - last in the line of Zeds, or the last pic,

    my sig pic?

    The second pic is Shifter's very very nice Ausspec TT.

    The very last is my sig pic, my TT that is still in Japan. (If this becomes a problem I'll change it (the pic that is.)


  2. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target


    You really are starting to sound like a VICtim.:LOL::LOL::LOL:

  3. red32

    red32 You talkin' to me?

    Ever tried chocolate-coated grasshoppers, Chili?

    They're a favourite with us Mexicans. Yum!
  4. ZB00ST

    ZB00ST New Member


    Yer, i said i was coming, i planned to go, i came home from Sydney at 5am after a different cruise, left z out of garage even!!!!! ( and thats definetly not a common act ) Woke up at 10.30 DOH!!!! mrs was spewn to arrrrr. Not cool. Soree guys... I did manage to catch a couple of you though just b4 you left town (goulburn) fueling up.

    Well dang always next time :thumbsup:
  5. MrZee

    MrZee MΧtérZëë

    Missed me by that [---------------] much :eek:
  6. MrZee

    MrZee MΧtérZëë

    Missed zx299 by this [------] much :eek:
  7. tezza

    tezza New Member

    What is that Z's colour

    hey thats a sweet looking colour oz-300 what is the name of it.

    hope everyone had a great cruse looked like fun.
  8. OZ-300

    OZ-300 Godfather

    The colour is that of a late model Toyota Celsior (Lexus).

    At least I will be able to match it. I think it is called "Bold Maroon".

    See http://www.batfa.com/photo-newcar-celsior2004-colors.htm



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