I just might have a Z in a few months!! :D

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by quick1, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    Been in serious talk/negotiations with a car dealership/finance place. :-0
    Im only working part time (and loving it, dont want to start full time just yet!!) and if i proove i can put aside $120 / $150 a week, for a couple months, ive been told i should be fine on getting a Z under finance.
    I know ill get raped sideways with interest and stuff, but i dont care i really want a Z, if this is my only way to get it in the near future, im doing it. :-0
    I was looking at a 2 seater 1990 NA 5spd Silver T-top yesterday, i couldnt beleive how there was 'electric seats'!! That was so cool!!
    This particular NA was going for 18k, has a few little things inside it like tear in drivers seat etc that need fixing, but the body was in mint condition, And it comes with 12month warenty which is a good thing(i guess?).Anyone in Vic got suggestions of specific car dealerships who do financing and specialise in imports? I dont want any "Dont go here!!!" replys but more like "This place is good >>", feel free to email me 'dont go here' places though, keeps any arguing away from the forum atleast. :)
    Thanks guys.PS - I know i know going through finance isnt a good idea with interest and all, but my mind is made up, i dont want a Z, i need a Z. HEHEHE :D
  2. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    sick of the ol' Gemmy? (n/m)

  3. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    hehe nah its great fun >

    owning a car you can just thrash the sh*t out of and not care! ;)
    certantly cant do that to Z's :-0i just know when i get a Z, ill wish i had the gemi when im filling it with fuel. :(
  4. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    l0l, Gemmy moite!

    definatly good for a thrash,
    or a bushwhack, or just skidding and sliding and hanging the rear out on a windy wet road - or roundabout.btw, i know its not safe to do that kinda thing on public roads. But, only place iv done it is down in Munster (perth), there are hardly any cars down there - a couple per hour at most.
  5. chewy

    chewy Active Member

    if you are having problems raising the funds

    for the Zed purchase do you really think you'll have the money to do repairs as well ? Remember the cost of a vehicle doesn't stop at the purchase.
  6. JimmyZ

    JimmyZ Guest

    look for one that is for sale privately

    its generally less expensive, and when in doubt, just call up the Vic Z crew, i bet they'll be willing to put their hustling skills on show :p
  7. Scotty

    Scotty Guest


    I can see it now...
    Quickie finds a nice Zed, has a look over it.
    Comes on the Forum and asks for anyone from Vic, that lives close, to have a look and see what mech condition it's in.
    The next day this poor bloke selling his Zed has 30 other Zeds parked on his lawn and all these members checking out every nut and bolt!!!
    That would be a Kodak moment ;)
  8. ZisLuv

    ZisLuv New Member

    I agree, quick1 dont rush into it....>>

    They are beautiful cars, I love mine to death, but they can cost a fortune. Ive lost count of how many thousands Ive spent already and Ive had nothing wrong with mine. Be really patient with your purchase if you must, get someone from here that REALLY knows their Zs to have a hard look at it. Check out compressions, check the ECU codes and 02 sensors, make sure 100k service is done etc etc because you can just pour money into these. Remember they are 13 years old or more so maintenance will always be a factor. Dont forget about insurance either. Also remember that some warranties arent worth anything. Most things on warranty have to FAIL completely to be covered. i.e. your gearbox might be on its last legs, but unless it dies its not covered.I dont think there is anything wrong with getting a car on finance, I paid for mine with a loan, but just make sure you also have a couple of grand spare in case. If you cant do this then just wait a bit longer to avoid any heartbreak.
  9. BlueRaven

    BlueRaven Guest

    if you were to go under finance..

    im pretty sure that most finance companies (AGC for example) require you to have a full comp insurance on your car..So you've gotta not only pay off the high interest rate, but be able to pay off the insurance as well (which if you can find it - will cost a fortune)So as an example, $18000 for 3years @ 11% interest would be $19980. Say your insurance was $3500 yearly, thats $10160 for a year, or $195 a week. Thats not covering any repairs or rego for the car (which is probably 500+ dollars(?)).
    Since you dont live in QLD, fuel is pretty expensive (hehehehe) as well..Over the 3year period thats $30480 - can you stay employed for that long?This is why I decided i'm buying a 240/260/280z instead. That way, I can do it up and run around like a madman in that - and not have to worry about full-comp insurance... And if i buy a 240z i could make money on it (being a classic and all)
    Then im gonna wait till 300zeds are like, 8000 bucks and buy it then :p~
  10. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    some good valid points chewy/raven :)

    the one about 'they only cover a part thats dead, not dying, eg: gearbox is dying, but not dead so they wont replace it'whats stopping me from deliberetly killing it so they have to get it replaced? LOL i know it sounds stupid!btw ild get a loan over 5 years not 3, ild try pay it off in 3 or 4, im only young i wanna be able to live a little aswell as own/pay off a nice car.and what u on about can i stay employed for 3 years? why couldnt i? I got a job during my diploma course, finished it, still @ the same place, pay went up and i got more hours, things are looking up for me with work not down :D
    Good chance in a few weeks i might be working 4 days a week! More students interested in the courses we offer so i might have to work extra days to cover them! :DAnd about insurance, i was quoted $1,700 for the car i was checking out a few days ago. Ill pay that up front for the first year atleast so im only making car payments not insurance payments too. and if i get screwed and insurance is 2 - 3k, they can put in in the finance contract so i end up paying the loan off over a little more time to cover the insurance too(i think?).Hmm thanks for the input, and Jimmy when i get a loan aproved ill try towing the vic Z crew down to check out one zed or 10, and see what condition its in :pno point me buying a older Z, i can run around like a 'madman' in my gemini instead, while saving! :)
  11. White Ant

    White Ant New Member

    Ha, how to intimidate a seller!!:p (n/m)

  12. BlueRaven

    BlueRaven Guest

    just sayin..

    Loan of 5yrs is what I was going to do, but it means you will be paying more off the car in the long run - tho you sound keen enough for a zed that it dosnt phase you :)No offence about the job, I've been in 3 different jobs since i finished school in 2000. So if your confident about your position, thats great! I was just trying to warn you, because if you lose your job..you have to find another one pretty quick! :pYeah, after two years i've owned a '78 Corolla and a '81 Sigma...I'm not gonna be able to afford a 300zx anytime in the near future, but i love the old school zeds as well - so it works great for me :)
  13. PHATZX

    PHATZX New Member

    Just start dealing..>

    Money faster, easier, and with a lot less effort:p
  14. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    LOL and i can pay $20,000 in CASH for a z :p (n/m)

  15. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    yeah loans are a bummer, but

    you will have to have full comprehensive cover with a car loan, however you don't need to be insured at all with a personal loan, but it would be suicide not to be insured, especially if you hit mr ferrari :-0 , make sure any loan you get is based on daily reducing intrest, will save some money there at least.
    Sorry I cant help with VIC yards at all being a QLD boy and all, but mabey you should move here, I saw a nice NA going for 13,500 yesterday ;) :p
    but ill give you some incentive and throw some sponsorship your way, cause I likes ya =), if you get approved on your loan, and can save that money, I'll pay for your first 6 months rego... DEAL? .... hope it helps but you gotta put in the work, money is the easy part, I really wanna see you in that Z quicky, so does everyone else I bet :D :D
  16. blue fairy

    blue fairy Guest

    re: finance

    Hi.I work for a finance company and I would like to let you know the facts about your potential loan from the information I have gathered. I hope the below may be of some assistance to you and your decision. A few things you should remember/ be aware of:1) A car that is financed by a finance company - (not a bank) must not be any more than 12 years of age at the end of the term of the loan. Unless special circumstances prevail - and this is rare.2) Comprehensive insurance must be taken out on the vehicle for the full term of the loan, and premiums will rise due to the car being under finance.3) Most finance companies will not finance imports, let alone old ones. You will have a much better chance if the car is Aus spec.4) The interest rate depends on 2 things. 1) The age of the vehicle - The older the vehicle the higher the rate. 2) who you know or how good your bargaining skills are.5) Banks can offer unsecured loans to certain limits. This does not usually exceed $10000.Example:If you borrow $18000.00 over a 5 year (60 month) period at 11% (a low interest rate based on the vehicle) your repayments each month will be: $391.00.
    This is a total of $23460 over the term of the loan. Which is $5460 in interest charges.
    Not mention the establishment fees and some finance companies charge for payment methods.A more realistic interest rate on the information supplied would be around 14.50% which would put your monthly repayments at $424.00, a total of $25440 at the end of the loan, allowing for $7440 in interest charges.6) If you are going to get finance of the vehicle through a finance company may I suggest taking out GAP/ Equity Plus Insurance. (about $590.00 -$790.00 depending on the company.)
    I think many insurances are not worthwhile, but I genuinely believe that gap cover is important.
    In the instance of an accident, and your car is written off and your ins company will only pay $10000 but you still owe $14500 gap cover will pay the difference. In the example given this would be: $4500.00
    People who don't have gap cover would be left with no car and a balance of the loan left to pay.I know I may sound a bit harsh, but I can only hope that you really look into your contract first.Personally I would wait a bit longer, save about $8000 - at the rate of $150.00 per week this should be achievable in about 12 months then see about a bank loan or personal loan for the difference. This will show that you have a steady saving history and will allow for when you get the car to afford to repairs, fuel, insurance, rego and add any mods that you wish.Best of luck in whatever avenue you choose.
  17. quick1

    quick1 Guest

    thanks for all that info :)

    You typed up a fair bit there so thanks for that! :)If i have to pay $100 a week for 5 years, meaning in the end im paying like 7,000 on just interest, ill be happy with that..And yeah full comp insurance + warrenty on the car, if anything did go wrong, i wouldnt owe any money and have no car would i? The warrenty will cover any car probs that need fixing, insurance will cover me if i happen to hit something/get hit?thanks againand Blade83, your on :D
  18. blue fairy

    blue fairy Guest

    more info.... not as long.

    It would depend on if the comp ins covered your outstanding balance on the loan. If it only paid out a portion of it, then you would be without a car and still have to pay of the remainder of the loan yourself - while trying to save for a new set of wheels.
    Check to see if you can arrange a fixed value on your ins or if it will be market value in the case of total loss.If you write off your car, the warranty is not going to help you one bit.Also, check out your ins policy for the extended warranty. Most only cover faults to the cost price of the car, and have $ restrictions on each claim where you have to pay the balance.$7000 is a lot to pay on interest. Think of what else that money could be doing.Also, get ins quotes before you sign any paperwork for the car. Insurance can be financed into your loan, but only the first year of comp ins can be financed. You would then have to pay your ins every year out of your pocket.Best of luck in getting your Zed.
    :) kye.

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