NSW Hunting with a 300zx

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Wizard, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

  2. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    Nice Vid Wiz!
  3. Zano

    Zano Member

    That's good viewing and positioning of the camera, good music too! Thanks.
  4. gmbrezzo

    gmbrezzo Moderator

    You don't play nice with the other kids in the sandbox, do you! :D
    Good to see.
    Didn't see anyone pass you. nice one Wiz :)
  5. pennyarvs

    pennyarvs New Member

    Held my breath and made me wriggle in my seat for 5mins 24secs!

    Thanks for sharing, Ron...

  6. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    L plater in that commodore, wtf?
  7. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Nice video - geez, you make good ground flying down the straight!!! How do you mount the camera so effectively? Doesn't seem to jiggle around much at all. Maybe I just need a new tripod and more straps.... :D
  8. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Using a new

    Camera mount, made by Camzilla, suction one that i mount onto the rear hatch glass.
    Had to add a piece of ally angle so the camera wasn't upside down, can send you a pic if you want.

  9. Chilledpain

    Chilledpain Z Reaper

    Ahh so the truth is out Wiz! U were racing 16 year olds in their parents cars! :p
  10. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit


    What took you so long to hunt down an L plater anyhow? :p:br:
  11. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

  12. Jamie

    Jamie Jamie The Hobbit

    How many L plater's have that kind of experience though? :p
  13. mholt

    mholt Member

    I saw your vid as soon as you posted it I subscribe to your new vids, were they recording times on that LS2 day at EC and cant we use the big track anymore
  14. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    No times recorded

    Thats why i have my own timing gear, got sick of going to the track and never knowing what times you were doing.
    Yes full track still in operation, but you can see what they are doing, split it in two so they can recoup two lots of track fees on the one day.

  15. Zedi KnightZ

    Zedi KnightZ Member

    Thanks Ron. Luv watching yor vids and show my mates as well, also commenting that i dont see too many cars passing you!
    Go the Zeds.
    Cheers Bruce
  16. Wizard

    Wizard Kerb side Prophet

    Hey Bruce

    Your still around here?, long time no speak.:)
    can only remember these two, the CXC evo, rounded me up pretty easly, and the Audi R8 who went under me when the lights were flashing.:mad:


  17. yellow300zx

    yellow300zx Pimpin Ain't Easy

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