Wanted How much for a Z31 Manual Turbo 3/87?

Discussion in 'Whole Cars for Sale or Wanted' started by Roland S. Inman, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Roland S. Inman

    Roland S. Inman New Member

    Hello Team,

    Here is my struggle. I have a 4/85 Turbo Auto in the garage that has a decent body but needs a respray and the mechanicals doing as well. It has the electronic dash and all gauges light. I have decided that if I keep it I will change it over to a manual.


    I have found a 3/87 turbo manual in red with a claimed original 155k on the clock. The price is a bit mad at $21,500. I think this is series 2 car. The chassis number is HGZ31-320947.

    What do people think that a straight body and all original unrestored, but above average condition car is worth?

    Given the choice which way would you go? I am thinking the red car is a LOT easier and maybe only slightly more expensive at the end of the day maybe?



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  2. jellybeans

    jellybeans Active Member

    its worth whatever you are happy to pay. not many around and a lot are rusty. They seem to be going up in price for good condition. last cheap one i saw was a gold one in WA. I should of bought it
  3. Roland S. Inman

    Roland S. Inman New Member

    I am going to stay with the Z31 I have and fully restore it. It will be converted to a manual and Ford Winter White (or the Nissan white) as well. The project starts in about 5 weeks, when it is pushed to the guy who will be pulling engine and auto transmission out.
  4. geron

    geron National Petroleum Equipm

    Z31s look great IMO. Rare nowadays. I hardly ever see one on the road. The value will definitely be pretty high for such a vehicle in great condition. Good to see someone is restoring one.

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