high spec rebuilt motor

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    rebuilt motor big dollar items only used idling after rebuild !! some one get this!!

    looks like custom alternator brackets aswell


    VG30DETT is an engine Assy 3.1L specification. Specification contents Tomei cam shaft 270 ° IN EX, outside cam sports rocket, Tomei strengthening valve spring, Tomei metal head gasket, Tomei forged piston, NISMO metal, combustion chamber processing, is the port polishing, SARD850cc injector × 6 this, and the like. Recently, I think that it is best for the spare parts because VG parts have also been very low. Because it is a luxury engine that affects considerably money I think that it is very affordable.
    After the overhaul, I think that a state is good because it does not use only idling about. I think that it is close to almost new condition. We measure compression or the like before you put down there were all specified value. Oil leaks and white smoke, etc. was also no. (Since there is only an individual variation in the extent and the state is the final state Please check and please judge from a photograph. Not be an oversight on the visual, but I hope in the fact that the actual priority)
    It is the thing that is reflected in the photograph is all.
    By all means, please give with something what people do.
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    Google translate working particularly well ....

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