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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by VeeP (Zteriods), Mar 16, 2003.

  1. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    Hey brad
    Im that d00d that came down to the Kwinana dragstrip on Saturday night and took interest in your car.
    I just posted to apologize for being such an ass the first time i came up to talk to ya. I didnt realize how rude i was being until after i got home. So, im real sorry man.
    btw, absolutely tight car.
  2. DUB

    DUB BRAMIS Photography

    No probs, but which one were you?

    Met heaps of ppl that night and can't really remember any stand-out ass's :p And thanks, I do love the Zed too :)
  3. Risk

    Risk New Member

    so? whats the story here then?? :) (n/m)

  4. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    im that d00d

    im the kid in the black top, white shorts,
    The one that hung over the rails for just about every race u won.
    Zed obsessed d00d i am.btw, u showed those Supras who ownz the streets in perth
  5. Rigid

    Rigid Guest

    wot time did ya end pullin

    anyway brad?....
    i was there... didint get a chance to come say hi haha thats the second time ive seen u there and havent been able to say hi.... anwyays next time ya go ill make sure i say g'day
  6. Risk

    Risk New Member

    13.4 (n/m)

  7. FranZ

    FranZ franzonline.net

    13.44 - comeon, dont give him a 0.04 adv! :) (n/m)

  8. Risk

    Risk New Member

    sorry, 13.44 :) (n/m)

  9. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    actually, i think dub ran a 13.27

    well i cant clearly remember atm, ill review the recorded races
  10. FranZ

    FranZ franzonline.net

    ummm, when?

    He was raving after about his 13.44. He told me that was his last run!Brad, you going down for Whoop Ass Wed?
  11. Risk

    Risk New Member

    he told me 13.4 this morning when i was >

    checking out his AVC-R and FMIC...... so i doubt im wrong!! :)::Risk::
  12. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    well in that case i must be wrong, also -

    have u guys seen the exhaust hes got - its only one exit pipe, do u know what model it is?
    btw brad, those subs u got in the back are kickass
    looks very cool
  13. FranZ

    FranZ franzonline.net

    Isn't it a Kakimoto (sp?)

    You sound like the president of the "I love Brad fan club" :)
  14. Risk

    Risk New Member

    nar, its a tenabe (spelling?) >>

    yeah, were is the "i love brad fan club" web site VeeP???? :p
  15. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Thats Tanabe, Risk. :D:D (n/m)

  16. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    oi oi oi!!! dont make me do it!

    "The I love brad Club"
    i have no idea what ur talking about - f00ls, all of you f00ls!!
    He just has a nice car and is willing to talk about it.
    Not like 90% of ppl who own nice cars in perth, they just shrug u off all the time.
    Its bullshit, i mean, there was a guy with a red MKIV at the strip, and i went up to him and he just told me to fuck off, i mean, wtf?
  17. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    btw - one more thing

    im sure u guys have very slick cars too (being Zed owners), so if i saw ur car in real life, i would give u the necessary praise too.
    Anyway, u guys were just jokin right?Its probably my L300 thats causing this anyhow
  18. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    Don't listen to Risk

    He's just jealous because his car isn't black or a manual :p
  19. Risk

    Risk New Member

    and yet its still a superior zed Scotty!:)>

    and no, i dont wish my car was black..... why would i, you know the pearl blue is pure class! :)manual.... hrmm sometimes i wish.... but the SAW system will cure my manual needs!!At least my zed will always have two things going for it yours doesnt Scotty..... twin turbos!!! :) oh how sweet the boost is :)
  20. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    It'll be funny to watch your

    face in my rear view mirror when this Slick Black NA Zed comes flying past....
    You just wait untill she's done my friend, you just wait ;)

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