Help!!! power steering leak

Discussion in 'Technical' started by wildzed, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    Hi all,

    I have a small ps leak. I have ordered a high pressure ps hose which I will replace when I get it but I think It may be leak from the pump itself.

    If not the ps hose, is there anyone in WA experienced and willing to give me a hand to Remove it so I can get it rebuilt with new seals. I Would prefer to learn over taking to mechanic. Looked at tech articles but a little uncertain. Would be keen to run a extra power line from the alt to battery whilst I’m there too.

    Pm me if you can help. Hopefully I get the hose in the next day or so so I can replace on the weekend.

    Thanks Dan
  2. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    Get a rebuild kit from your local steering and suspension shop. They are dead easy to rebuild. I did mine. Just make sure everything is clean and all the fins inside are not damaged.

    Pay attention to the fins. One edge is rounded. one is squared off. The rounded edge runs around the housing.

    If you have an idea of how the rotary engine works, its basically the same idea inside the pump.
  3. East Coast Z

    East Coast Z Well-Known Member

    Is your Z a TT or NA?
    If your pump is leaking & it's an NA, PM member CARZ, as he may have a power steering pump from a late model Z32 available.
    How old is this Z?
    If it's lasted this long......why would you run an "extra power line from the alternator to the battery"?
    What do you think that will achieve?
  4. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    Cheaper option is to weld up steering arms, call it a drag car and can only go in a straight line.
  5. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    Hi my car is a 89 tt but I have removed the hicas and replaced with a lot done by a repeced wa forum member. I think it’s a modded tt pump or na pump I’m not sure I gave him my tt pump as a exchange was some time ago tho.

    My alternator is upgraded so running thicker cable will help with the planned stereo. Forgot to do it whilst engine was out (was too focused on engine) also know as the big 3 upgrade
  6. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    I think it might just be a small leak around a bolt - thinking of just some gasket sealer around the bolt to solve the issue. I have put a finger of a glove over the bolt to check

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    If you are thinking it's leaking from the top hose connection bolt it is a banjo fitting and a lot of people remove them and put them back on not realising they have a copper sealing washer on each side of the fitting that the bolt goes through and you end up with a leak. Also high pressure hose leaks are common.
  8. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    It’s the 24mm bolt at the bottom of the pump just above the alternator. I think it’s dripping down from the bolt onto the high pressure line. Which is why I thought it was the hp line leak. Can’t get in there to tighten will try again over the weekend
  9. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    A bit of sealant wont fix it.

    Take the bolt off. get some new copper washers and refit.

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    When I did mine I welded a cut down socket onto a small steel handle so I could do it in place. It worked a treat. I lent it to another forum member many years ago and never got it back. :mad: considering who it was I got of lightly ;)
  11. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    yep your right sealant didn't work... bugger!!

    TWIN TERROR Well-Known Member

    So did it have a copper washer on each side of the banjo bolt ? Trying to put sealant on a high pressure hose would more than likely not work.
  13. wildzed

    wildzed Member

    Couldn’t get the HP off.... had to take it in to PZP to get it done! Bugger wish I could have done it myself
  14. brisz

    brisz Well-Known Member

  15. harty

    harty Member

    I’m interested in any feedback re this as well
  16. bobbs

    bobbs Member

    What's "The big 3" upgrade?
  17. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Alternator to battery
    Battery ground
    Engine ground

    On a Z the grounds are already pretty substantial but i suppose you could run an additional wire from the alternator to the battery. When I fit my upgraded alternator I let the oem alternator wire in place and added an extra one form the alternator to the back of the starter motor.

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