VIC Heathcote Raceway part 2 Sunday July 10th

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by parker, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. parker

    parker Been around for a bit

    it's organised for the 10th

    But Mick and Ross seem to live there now. So they might be going this Sunday also? :)
  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

  3. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    Ice ice baby
    We miss you. Well I do anyway.
    Good to see you back

    Ba 1050 nice nice
  4. MickW

    MickW Carntry member...

    Sorry for the confusion Mia. I'm heading to the strip this coming Sunday, but the thread is about going there on Sunday 10th of July :)
  5. ross79

    ross79 Member

    Lol, look at it this way. There are some quick XR6T out there but they'll never look good doing it :D

    My goal is the same as yours Mick. Get both mine and my wife's soarer into the 12s.
    If I want to go quicker, I've always got a bike that can rape 10sec cars and it doesn't need mods to do it :p
  6. ross79

    ross79 Member

    I'd love to join you this Sunday but working on the shed all weekend.
  7. 10secBA

    10secBA Account Disabled

    BAs dont look good running 10's as it seems to be common these days. Unlike the zed's where 90% are manual anyway so forget the 10's unless they drop 100k into it lol. Would be awesome to see a zed run a 10 on the day. Even 11's would be impressive.

    FYI Ford Nationals are on at heathcote this weekend so it will be packed. Hopefully im ready come mid july!

    Alex, you got some decent power under there yet megale? :D Your myspace sig still fails to work lol :( fix!
  8. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    nuh re still at 500 hp at 18 psi .well im doing the renos on the house now so the zed is sleeping re .
    good to see your dong those numbers .
    next build will be after the house.
    pulling it all down , when i find the time.

    facebook . nuh havent even been on that for years now ,
  9. Miz_Mia

    Miz_Mia New Member

    haha all good, ill be there 10th July :)
  10. ross79

    ross79 Member

    There's something very wrong with your facts. 90% of zeds manual?? Try that the other way around ;)

    100k to get a zed running 10s?? How many zeds are we talking here??

    Brytech can't be far off an 11 if he manages to get that power down. There's also a stupidly large bottle waiting to be used in there :br:
  11. ross79

    ross79 Member

    Can we move this to coming events now?
  12. parker

    parker Been around for a bit

    Anyone got 2 stock wheels and tyres or similar that I could borrow/hire/buy for the trip to the track. I live 40kays from the track and don't want to drive all that way on my new MT's. The tread is so soft I think they will be half destroyed by the time I get there. Anyway thanks for any help
  13. ross79

    ross79 Member

    You can borrow a pair of my 19's.
    I've got a set of stock zed wheels but the rubber is pretty poor.
  14. parker

    parker Been around for a bit


    I don't mind if they are almost bald. It's just to get me to the track and back. cheers for that :)
  15. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    you need to get a mod to edit that into the thread tittle
    move it to Commin Events section

    and I'll put in my appologies now......

    I'm flat out on the supercharged beastie and only have a few weeks left in which to get it all happin..... (shouldnt be here now :( )

    and I need to move 2 other cars (engine swapsies) through the shed asap before I finish the beastie

    so much to do ..... so few hours remaining ...... BUT .....

    if da shyte dont annoy me....... might make it .... not promisin nuffin ;)

  16. ross79

    ross79 Member

    No probs mate. Pop around on the weekend to grab them. I've pm'd you my details.
  17. ross79

    ross79 Member

    Looks like my wife will be racing. She'll be running her bike :)
  18. pexzed

    pexzed Forum Administrator

    Moved as per request.
  19. pmack

    pmack Member

    Initially i had the same concerns , I drive 30+ klms each way to Willowbank when i race my car. 35 + trips Tyres are lasting well . I don't do large burnouts obviously , not much more than drying the Tyres .
  20. parker

    parker Been around for a bit

    35 trips!!

    So they last pretty well then? When I first felt the treat and being a 00 tread wear I thought they would last maybe 1000kms or so tops. This is good news and thank you. For some reason thanks button wasn't on your post.

    You run 11's to right?
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