NSW Haywards Bay to Gerroa, Sunday Sept 11 organised by the Zed car club NSW

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    Hi Guys,

    Another cruise with the Zed car club of NSW, this time down south to Gerroa

    Date: Sunday 11th September 2022

    Hungry Jacks, Haywards Bay. Just off the Princess Highway.
    (The official address is 10 Macquarie Place, Haywards Bay, 2530)

    Time of Start: 9am for a 9:30am departure

    Approximate duration: 4hrs

    All the details can be found on the link below

    As usual anyone travelling from the city, inner city, north etc wanting to join me on a mini-cruise from South West Sydney (Hurstville area) to Hungry Jacks, Haywards Bay is quite welcome to.
    Just DM me


    The extended version :)
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