Z32 Handy little ramps (review)

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by zx299, Nov 2, 2019.

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    I've been mucking about running the zed up onto wooden blocks in order to fit a trolley jack under it for years ....... I finally got sick of it and decided to invest in some little plastic ramps.

    Started shopping around and found some for $150 that was about 300mm tall, which was waaay too high for what I wanted (and there's NO way I'm climbing under a car that's on plastic ramps :confused:) so I kept looking around for something more in the 100mm range

    The price was dropping due to the size I wanted and I stumbled across a little set for $40 :eek: Height is rated at 70mm, which suits me, and weight capacity is supposed to be 5 ton :rolleyes: Width is only 190mm but I figure it's not going to hurt to have 30mm of tyre hanging over each side of the ramp for a few minutes while I roll the trolley jack under the zed

    I bit the bullet and grabbed a set. They fitted my needs perfectly ..... just what I needed. I throw them on top of the cupboard when I'm not using them (out of the sun, they ARE plastic) and only time will tell how long they last, but at that price I'm more than happy to buy a new set every couple of years

    Anyone interested should jump onto Ebay and check them out
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    yeah these are fantastic & well worth the investment!
    If you google "low down slope ramp" there's a whole load of them available, I bought mine from HAPP hoists (otherwise known on the forum as Lady Z and oohogwash) & have been using them for years.
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    I also got a set for the Z for the exact same reason.
    Got sick of lifting it up using the tyre jack to get the clearance to fit the proper jack underneath each time an oil service is due.
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    I had a look around and didn't like any of the ramps i saw. Plastic or Chinese welding doesn't fill me with confidence.
    I made some 1200mm x 350mm x 100mm high ramps out of 19mm plywood and some framing timber cut on a long taper.
    2 pieces of Plywood 1200mmm x 350mm
    4 lengths 90x45 pine 1200mm long, cut from corner to corner to create 8 long tapers from 0 to 90mm over 1200mm.
    Screw 4 long tapers to each plywood sheet. They pack up into a space of about 130 x 1200 x 400 if you stack them on top of each other.

    I'd be surprised if they couldn't support 10 tonnes and won't perish like plastic and cant fail like Chinese welding.
    I trust these much more than my Chinese jack stands. You can also make them any size you want.

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