H.I.D. Conversion Kits

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by supersonic, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. dedzed

    dedzed Member

    lets just see if it is your kit before we get excited.I am in wa and i did not get a delivery today.
  2. ichizora

    ichizora Loud

    dedzed, your kit arrived at my house while I was at work... it's ready to be picked up, PM me
  3. dedzed

    dedzed Member

    thanks ,will call on your mobile as i will be north of river today:).
  4. ichizora

    ichizora Loud

    Okies, I'll be home in the afternoon. I have to go return the BMW Mini loan car to Auto Classic in a few minutes.

    ROYSZX New Member

    am i the only one ...

    that still has'nt heard anything whats going on??? as i said before this is bullshit:mad:
  6. dedzed

    dedzed Member

    picked mine up today.
    still no news on yours?

    ROYSZX New Member

    am i the only one ............

    in australia that still has'nt got my h.i.ds yet maybe before xmas :mad:
  8. mr zed x

    mr zed x chassis scrubbin..

    lol ^ tried PM'ing him? or spoken to the person handing them out in your are or just posted here ?
  9. Mr 0uch

    Mr 0uch Bare footed zman

    if anybody decides they no longer want there hid kit, ill glady take them off you hands for GB cost + postage ;)
  10. supersonic

    supersonic New Member

    unless i get 50+ kits on another gb, i cant match the prices of the guy in the FSBB section. you best go through him, or ebay.

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