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  1. aK

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    Hi Adrian,

    Hope you are well. Apologies for the late reply. We have been having server issues the last two weeks.
    Payments have all cleared and all 13 units will be dispatched today.

    Receipt and tracking information will be sent to you as soon as they become available.

    Please let us know if you require further information or assistance.

    Kind regards,

    Greenline Motorsports
  2. Babbb

    Babbb New Member

    Sounds like we're almost there guys...:D

  3. AAD00R

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    I have 1 for all 11 products
    can't seem to upload them as yet, so will see if i can get them all sent
    Anyway looks like products were shipped today at any rate.
    I have included the list of people who got receipts (which is all of us)
    and then included a copy of my receipt... that way you can use my receipt and the list as proof but yeah anyway receipts all in and all that so if you need one with your name on it let me know and i will get one out asap.

    From Subject Received Size
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100073 - Adrian Langowski - Chris Psarros Tue 24/10/2006 1:50 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100072 - Adrian Langowski - Ali Kasemi Tue 24/10/2006 1:49 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100071 - Adrian Langowski - Chris Andel Tue 24/10/2006 1:48 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100070 - Adrian Langowski - Sam Kaldor Tue 24/10/2006 1:48 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100069 - Adrian Langowski - Keen Ho Tue 24/10/2006 1:47 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100067 - Adrian Langowski - James Strom Tue 24/10/2006 1:47 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100068 - Adrian Langowski - Shane Raftery Tue 24/10/2006 1:47 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100066 - Adrian Langowski - Alvin Lung Tue 24/10/2006 1:46 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100065 - Adrian Langowski - Justin Baboucek Tue 24/10/2006 1:45 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100064 - Adrian Langowski - Glenn Waldon Tue 24/10/2006 1:44 PM 4 KB
    GLMS Order System Receipt - GR06100063 - Adrian Langowski Tue 24/10/2006 1:44 PM 4 KB

    *** Please do not reply to this message ***

    Thank you Adrian Langowski,

    We have processed your order and sent it to your nominated address.

    Should you require further assistance, please contact your Greenline Motorsports agent.

    The Greenline Motorsports Team.


    L???§??®R®s?{????1239-5 §729-0252


    Order Number:GR06100063
    Order Date:2006 / 10 / 23 Dispatch Date:2006 / 10 / 24
    Shipping Method: EMS
    Tracking Number: EI330299618JP
    Customer Number: AU1285
    Customer name: Adrian Langowski
    Car Type: Z32 VG30DETT
    Phone Number: 0403 862 947

    Shipping Address:

    Adrian Langowski
    Unit 36, 299 Burns Bay Road
    Lane Cove NSW 2066


    TRUST Profec B-specII (Silver) 1 30,500 30,500

    Shipping: 2,900
    Total: 33,400
    GreenLine Motorsports is not responsible for damages including but not limited to

    indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages caused by the product/s.

    GreenLine Motorsports reserves the right to validate warranty claims.

    Please retain this receipt which must be produced for any warranty claims.
  4. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    ALL 13 Units shipped same day

    Re checked with Jason regarding last 2 units as no receipts... all units were shipped same day, he just forgot to include receipts which i now have

    So should all be arriving shortly...
  5. Strom

    Strom New Member

    WIKID!!!! i wonder if ill get it before the tech day

    on saturday.... thanx a million Aadoor
  6. topher

    topher Banned

    if by sat you mean this sat.. i doubt it
  7. Raheen

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  8. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    are these things difficult to install, or should i just take to an auto electrician and get him to do it?
  9. Strom

    Strom New Member

    dude, all u need to do is wire 2 things

    one positive to a 12V potential and the other to an earth source.
    the rest of it is connecting the boost lines to the wastegate acctuators..
    its about a 2 hour job to set everything up nicely.
  10. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    ok cool, it would be even better if i knew what a wastegate actuator is though, search is my friend
  11. Strom

    Strom New Member

    DUDE, ur in WA,

    if you want to come up to perth in late november sometime ill help ya install it and give you the ins and outs of boost n shit...

    i wont be installing mine till at least then

  12. Babbb

    Babbb New Member

    Nice one Adrian, mine has landed aswell!! Thanks again mate

  13. rom-vg30dett

    rom-vg30dett Always Broke

    I just signed for mine 1 minute ago. Looks awesome. Can't wait to install it.

    Thanks again Adrian.


  14. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    sounds like a plan to me, thanks Strom
  15. SpaceFrog

    SpaceFrog Member

    I got a little slip of paper from Australia Post. Brother was giving me the spanish inquisition about what it was. I was... it might be the boost controller?
    Looks like i can add another task to my to do list for tomorrow.
    I'm in the same boat. I kinda know what it does, but wouldn't know what it looked like or were it is on the car. The electrical wiring is dead simple though.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2006
  16. SammyK300

    SammyK300 A member

    Got mine yesterday, thanks Adrian. Just need to find someone to install it:confused:
  17. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    Sweet, glad to hear their all coming through

    Got my slip of paper on 26th... picked it up when i got back from melbourne

    PS Don't you have to dyno tune them so the car and EBC know exactly what boost your running... sure your suppose to set it, but i could be wrong, but i'd ask your local tuner to get some more info.
  18. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

    I got the package from Japan today:)

    Thanks Adrian , I got the EBC today:D , Great group buy man.
    I cant wait to its in my Zed:cool:
    You can fit the EBCs with out Dyno, You can set them without a dyno, But a dyno would be a better plan, cause you can ajust them much better on a Dyno
    Cheers Zedipated:zlove:
  19. aK

    aK Banned

    I still havnt got mine :(

    Went to the post office, and they didnt find anything about it.

    Adrian can you tell me the address they were sent from and pm me my address you gave to greenline, so that i can check its correct.

    Thanks Bro ;)

  20. blackheartedprofit

    blackheartedprofit New Member

    mine arrived today,thanks Adrian, it's a lot smaller than i expected

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