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  1. Strom

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    wooo hooo, im number twoooooo!!!!

  2. Babbb

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    So Adrian, how are we shaping up with the payments? Has everyone transferred the cash? Any updates would be great.

    Cheers Mate
  3. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member


    Yeah i think i am up to 12 names on the list so far, but only around 7 have cleared with the bank

    One or two people PM'ed me to see if they can join etc etc so they will transfer today hopefully, then i'd say come weekend / Monday bank so have cleared everyones funds and i can send it to Jason at Greenline with the list

    I would send it now but i dont have enough cash to cover the ones that said they have made a deposit but hasn't cleared yet, so i will have to wait on the banks unfortunately (pretty keen myself)

    Anyway looks like the last few scragglers have just managed to scrap in and i will be submitting order asap


  4. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member


    See original Post for full update
    BUT basically waiting for bank to clear all funds and we are set to go

    More then enough, so going in asap

  5. aK

    aK Banned

    Adrian can you please pm everyone's that has paid and pm'ed you to confirm the addres

    and colour of the unit. I want a black one and i pmed you my address, please confirm you got it. cheers mate ;)

  6. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    UPDATE .....

    Hi AADOOR,

    Can you confirm you have as of 16/10 closed the books on this and submitted the order to Greenline? If so did they give an ETA?


  7. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    PAID vs LIST

    Hey Guys

    These are all the payments that are now sitting in my bank

    13/10/2006 DEPOSIT 7000 $400.00
    13/10/2006 MR CHRISTOPHER P $380.00
    12/10/2006 DEPOSIT 3882 $400.00
    12/10/2006 RAFTERY,SHANE LE $400.00
    12/10/2006 aK Ali Kasemi $400.00
    12/10/2006 MR CHRISTIAN AND $400.00
    9/10/2006 NETBANK TFR $400.00
    5/10/2006 LUNG ALVIN W-T $400.00
    5/10/2006 MR JAMES STROM $400.00
    4/10/2006 NETBANK TFR $400.00
    4/10/2006 NETBANK TFR $400.00

    NOW these are the names on the list that i have (addresses removed for privacy etc )

    1. AAD00R ? SILVER
    Adrian Langowski

    Glenn Waldon

    3. Babbb ? Silver
    Justin Baboucek

    4. Alv ? Black
    Alvin Lung

    5. Strom ? Black
    James Strom

    6. blackheartedprofit - Black
    Shane Raftery

    7. Spacefrog ? Black
    Keen Ho

    8. SammyK300 ? Black
    Sam Kaldor

    9. rom-vg30dett - Silver
    Chris Andel

    10. ak ? Black
    Name: Ali Kasemi

    11. Topher ? Silver

    12. TurboTac - Black
    Steve Talliss

    Now the 3882 deposit on Thr 12th was Tophers.... who is deposit 7000
    AND i have 12 names but only 11 payments so who are we still waiting on !!!

    In melb currently till Thr night, so will check this thread again after 7pm at hotel room... IF someone wants to match names off quickly and let me know who we are waiting on and i will Send the Order through to Jason tomorrow.

    PS i have already contacted him advising that i will post an order in tomorrow (aspa) and to expect it... thanks guys
  8. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

  9. SammyK300

    SammyK300 A member

    I'm 3882 guys, already confirmed with Adrian. Sorry about that.
  10. SammyK300

    SammyK300 A member

    Also if Zedipated is 7000 he isn't on the list so that makes 13 and looking threw the list the 2 we are missing is TurboTac and yours Adrian. Does that sound right to everyone?
  11. TurboTac

    TurboTac New Member

    Missing payment

    The bank says I've paid you. Transfer went thru over weekend so let me know if it doesn't turn up in your bank account over next couple of days. I don't want to hold this GB up. Can you PM to confirm your account details with me please.

  12. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    ALL READY - Just need Zedipated Details

    Guys i have mapped everyones payments and have matched them all up to the e-mail list with numbers etc... your all there

    Can zedipated pls e-mail me his full name and postal address along with colour and i will pass that on to jason... pls e-mail me at work on as i am at work in melb and get 30min internet a day.... so e-mail me asap and i will add to details list.

    I am posting payment to Jason.
    Anyone wanting to join after today will just have to ask and i will pass on to Jason and see if he is happy to accept.

    WILL POST ETA as soon as i hear anything.... All our name and address's have been passed on, zedipated got your payment so get me your colour and address asap (sorry i am to busy here to answer phone as i am in meetings all day best to catch me on e-mail if issues, but i got ur payment so all good)

    K think thats it.... wow what an epic

    Moderators feel free to combine both GB posts ?!?!... update again as soon as i know anything.

  13. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member


    Receipt number: N101764683115

    1. From account: 2192 1011 6657 Streamline
    Your transaction description: Profec EBC GB

    2. To account: 086-136 455924058 Jason Lee
    To account description: Profec EBC GB
    This new account has been added to your Account Address book.

    3. When:
    Transfer now 17/10/2006

    PS Turns out i can only transfer 5,000 a day with Netbank, fk who knew, dont think i've ever even seen that kinda cash lol =)
    So i have paid for your 12 and will pay for mine tomorrow when bank clears again.... have told Jason to get on your 12 first and do me last... again will post ETA's when i get them... at this point i now know as much as you all do and we are all waiting for Greenline to ship and update me etc

    Thanks heaps for all your efforts people
    Been a very steep learning curve been my first GB but think we've managed a ripper deal... i told one of the tune shops the price i got and he almost ordered 5 for his shop lol...Thanks to Jason too for the price he offered.

    Chat soon
  14. Babbb

    Babbb New Member

    I think I'm speaking on everyone involved's behalf when saying " F$%KING AWESOME EFFORT ADRIAN!!" Much appreciated. Can't wait to receive it :D :D :D

  15. aK

    aK Banned

    Well Done Adrian, nice work mate

  16. Strom

    Strom New Member


    love your work!!!

  17. rom-vg30dett

    rom-vg30dett Always Broke

    well done mate

    good on ya Adrian. maybe you can set up some other group buys in the not too distant future!!


  18. SammyK300

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    Thanks Adrian:D :D :D
  19. blackheartedprofit

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    cruizin for a boostin, looking forward to some seat slamming boost, probably blow my turbos up now, they are leaking a tiny amount of oil, "better to burn out than fade away", Into the Black
    cheers aadoor
  20. aK

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    Anything Adrian??

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