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  1. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    I'm looking at getting the GReddy Profec for my car. Have a decent price worked out already and working to see if they would be interested in a GB price as i know Caroline (Caz1) was looking to get some too.

    Could i get a quick show interest just so i know numbers when talking business with the seller.
    I'm looking at $490 odd at the moment and have managed $465 already
    So i reckon with at least 5 others interested we should get a decent price... allowing $10 to $20 per unit for shipping, again will work all that out once i have numbers.


  2. bigbaz

    bigbaz New Member

    Possibly but put me down as a maybe, do not count on me for numbers, lots of variables need to happen before i buy but interested
  3. WazTTed

    WazTTed Grease Monkey

    profec b spec2

    gday mate, i got my profec b spec 2 from they are 391.90 delivered for the black version and 407.95 for the silver version.
    mine did take a while 2 come as they had problems sourcing them but hey. still alot better than local prices!!!
  4. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    Adrian your best bet with something like this is to buy individually from someone like greenline or perfectrun. Reason is that they are waaaaaay cheaper ex-Japan, and if bought individually you avoid GST.
  5. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    Hmm will keep an eye on this

    Im not really in the market for a controller but if it comes at a good price we shall see.
  6. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    Quick Question

    Would there be any advantage in using the SpecR over the SpecS? Being the specR uses dual solenoid.
  7. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

    boost cont!

    I am interested,When will they be availiable? and how much roughly would it be for 1 to be sent to Tassie including frieght? They are dual selenoid arnt they?
    Cheers Zedipated:zlove:
  8. Boll!

    Boll! Well-Known Member

    I could also be interested pending price.


  9. OdinZ

    OdinZ New Member

    like said, u'll get them cheeper from

    don't know about GB's on it though, u'll have to shot them off an email and ask them about it:cool:
  10. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    OKAY.. will look into it more

    Guys, been my first GB i thank you for all the input...

    Sounds like i might be able to source these from greenline or perfectrun or for less then local so let me look into it more and get back to you.

    As for spec and info on these units, that is one thing you'd have to research, i am specifically after the Profec because i know a guy who is a wizard with electronics and like's the Profec e-boost controller and says he gets the best results with that unit... i asked him to instal a manual controller because i don't trust electronics, he said if you get the profec i will instal it no problems, know the unit inside out, it will be dead on accurate... so yeah unless its mechanical i got no idea.

    Thanks for all the input, i will continue to hunt down prices.
    Already spoke with Caz1 and her contacts can't beat $450 so will go the options rob and others have suggested i look into.

  11. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member


    Okay people,

    I have spend all day on the phone and on e-mails and still working on it so for now all i have is the price and you tell me if your keen.

    Perfect Run = 36,100 yen ($411) Not inc shipping (3000yen $33 approx)
    2% less if we buy 5 or 4% if we buy 10 - NOT BEST

    Greenline = 31,000 yen ($350) for 10 Not inc shipping same cost as above
    Same price as perfect run for each unit so have to buy 10 to get it for 31000

    Nengun = still to answer


    I need 10 names for the PRofec B-SpecII ... in silver or black
    to get it for $350 plus APPROX $33 to $50 shipping depending on pick up or ship etc etc etc

    Get me 10 names, and i'll get a total for shipping and whether i can drop a few off for people personally. I know Rob260 is just 2min away.
    Thanks You
  12. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

    When will you be getting them?

    When will you be getting the Greddy Profec Bspec2 EBC? Tell me a date!! and when I can get 1,so I can organise funds
    I am keen So you got 1 name!!! hopefully I am not the only 1
    Cheers Zedipated:zlove:
  13. Strom

    Strom New Member

    less than $400 delivered, im keen...

    just gotta make sure im not using my new ecu to control boost....
  14. aK

    aK Banned

    Put me down for a black one as i already got the GReddy turbo timer in black

    when will i receive it

  15. Strom

    Strom New Member

    im in!! as long as we can kick this off soonish

    cummon peeps, this EBC is pretty hawt!!!
    im in for black btw

  16. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    OKAY - Greenline have provided us with best price

    We're looking at $345 per unit + postage of $20 to $30 to me per unit, will then distribute and post from my work and let you know postage from there.. shouldn't be more then $8 $10 max as we get good postage rates at work.

    Anyway i need to know confirmed final numbers asap

    John from UAS has read the GB Post and contacted GReddy Directly... they said that they never sell products that cheap but will match it if we get a group buy going so can we get numbers (with deposits asap) pls

    This way if we got through John, not only do we get products direct from GReddy but we also get John's advice which for some zedder's could be invaluable.

    My number is on the forum (0403 862 947) call me, mail me, post a confirmed interest post. Lets go guys, lets get final numbers.


  17. OdinZ

    OdinZ New Member

    I'm in for black one IF i manage to collect the funds

    needed by the time u guys go ahead :( So poor ATM
    Anywayz i'll see how i go
  18. Zedipated

    Zedipated Member

    Put me down for 1

    Hey Adrian,just confirming I will take 1 in black
    Let me know the payment details ASAP :cool:
    cheers Zedipated:zlove:
  19. Strom

    Strom New Member

    im in for a black one

    so we are getting these through UAS? or greenline?

    and when do u need funds?
  20. AAD00R

    AAD00R New Member

    Probably going to go through UAS

    Speaking with John, the difference will be that John will offer his advice for all those who may have questions and also i would suggested that if he were to do the instal and things went wrong he'd have no problems talking with GReddy about warranty etc etc

    I'd just prefer that piece of mind

    Anyway if everyone is cool with it inc myself we got 5 takers... good start, i will give people till the end of this week to get their stuff organised and put their name down, then i will go ahead... details of deposits soon
    I dont' want to be holding your money to long so i rather you pay the night before i place the orders to ensure i am not holding peoples funds

    Will keep you all posted soon

    AAD00R - Silver
    Strom ? Black
    aK ? Black
    Zedipated / Zedinator - Black
    OdinZ - Is as poor as me and will let me know on colour soon

    PS Group buys send you bankedrupt


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