VIC Great Ocean Road .... 26th of April

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by BADZX, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    RUN DETAILS: ( as per old thread)

    Meetup point is the Shell servo on Todd Rd as per usual.
    Arrive BEFORE 8:00am
    Depart 8:00am for point Danger Torquay.

    9:15 ~ 9:30
    Begin arriving at Point Danger on "The Esplanade" road
    (dependent on traffic flow from the AirShow along the Princess Hwy, time may be later)

    10:00 ~ 10:15
    Depart Point Danger for the coast
    Travel to ..... Anglesea ~ Airey'sInlet ~ Lorne ~ WyeRiver ~ SkenesCreek

    Turn Right At SkenesCreek to "Forrest" on the Skene'sCreek/Forrest Road.
    15K's later you should be at "HainesJunction" & should turn left into "Turtans Rd"
    NB: Turtans Rd is very TWISTY and TIGHT, please give yourselves some room on the first part of this road and be very aware of oncomming traffic.

    Turtans Rd will take us through "BeechForrest" and then onto our lunch venue at the "Otway Fly"
    GPS info : 360 Phillips Track, Weeaproniah .....
    turn left into Phillips Rd & turn off is just before "Ferguson"

    A tree top walk is available for those that wish to take the opportunity, it takes just under an hour for the average fitness wise person. We will spend about 2hours at the Otway fly for a good break and a feed and to give members time to take the walk. This time is also for the social side of things for members that dont wish to take the walk....

    Visit..... for more info.
    NB: its rather cool up in the tree tops so a jacket might be a handy item to carry.

    After Lunch we head to LaversHill and turn right to head to ApolloBay, following the GOR back towards Lorne. At Lorne we can either turn north and head to "DeansMarsh" and then "Winchelsea" then Geelong .....
    continue on to Anglesea and then to Geelong.....

    That decision can be made on route to suit people's needs.

    My mobile number is 0418 322 475 should you get lost or need advise during the run etc etc.
  2. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    22nd ... Clipsal w/end

    29th .... Grand prix w/end

    5th ..... clear
    ( except for nissan National attendees doing prep work )


    19th ... clear
    ( except for late returnees from Nissan Nats )

    26th .... clear

    MAY -------> the month the weather starts to turn to shit !
    3rd .... clear

    10th .. clear

    17th .. clear

    24th .. clear

    31st .. clear

    JUNE......... TOO LATE !

    GOR 2008 was run on the 13th of April, if thats a help in any way to your decision.
  3. Peter Black

    Peter Black Active Member

    Being a late returnee from the Nationals I am all for the 26th of April.

    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    Im in depending on the date atm.
  5. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    May is good for me....

    I wont be able to attend unless its after April, sometime in May+.... but obviously, thats just me, so go with the massess..:)

  6. lidz

    lidz Well-Known Member

    my votes for april 5th or 26th.

    can do any may date bar the 31st but imo postphoning the g.o.r. cruise due to bad weather & then reschedualing for May when we know there'll be bad weather kinda defeats the point...

    so yeah, just my 2c but I think sooner rather than later.

    cheers, Tim
  7. pinmonkey

    pinmonkey New Member

    yeah ill be in it.. was a great day yesterday..

    prefer not the weekend of the 22.. it is my birthday..
  8. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    5th or 26th apr
  9. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    sorry guys im out of this one ...
  10. mr zed x

    mr zed x chassis scrubbin..

    im in for sure if its the 10th of may.

    my zed will be finished by then and i'll have my licence back :)
  11. rom-vg30dett

    rom-vg30dett Always Broke

    26th April sounds good.
  12. sandeep

    sandeep Active Member

    5th and 12th is out for me but 26th April is ok. Hope the weather is decent.
    Might even have headers and tune done by then :)
  13. WYKKED

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    I'm with Pete. Flat out till after the Nats.
  14. RENZED

    RENZED Girl in the black beast

    Ive got the 26th of April off, but its gonna possibly be the weekend of Craig's parents 50th party, so yet to find out..

    And I'll be requesting the 10th of May off..
  15. TQE-756

    TQE-756 Active Member

    Ditto that April 5th would be perfect 4 us...
  16. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    Additional info.......

    April 4th/5th is the SAUVIC GOR weekend cruise.

    They cruise down on the Saturday and return home on the Sunday..

    Last edited: Mar 17, 2009
  17. kr4usy

    kr4usy Active Member

    Unfortunately for me I dont think I'll be able to make any of these dates :( With the nationals and other commitments the only one I'd have a shot at getting time off for would be April 26.

    Might have the give it a miss. Maybe we can try an early summer run late this year?

    Cheers, Andrew
  18. mr zed x

    mr zed x chassis scrubbin..

    why so u can see my zed :p

    hahaha lets go the 10th :)

    if no one will, i'll be going no matter what by myself or with a group..
  19. RENZED

    RENZED Girl in the black beast

    Update for me, I now have the 26th of April weekend free, so this is the only date I am likely to be going on..but hey..majority rules..
  20. kbro3

    kbro3 Baby oil technician.

    26th of April sounds good to me also, i'll be legally allowed to attend! :cool:

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