Great day at Wanneroo raceway today

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by ZisLuv, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. MexiCandu

    MexiCandu Grumpy of the Grampians

    Great stuff FranZ

    Love the controlled 360 on the short course:LOL:

  2. Red Z

    Red Z New Member

    Awsome day!

    Was the best track day for me on record. R-Comps made a HUGE difference and lapping with Franz in Nath's zed was the best of fun. Hahah Andrew just had to sit and watch, I think that came under the top 5 things for the day. :p Mike I'd be happy to give you my phone for a day mate you just can't get any peace in this world. :wacko: Nice to meet Scotty for the first time, you have an awsome zed! We need some more zeds out there ppl so next time we'll give you some more warning...

    I'm trying to get my bloody signature to work so here it goes! (its just a shot of my car around the track)

    All the best Guys!

    Red Z.
  3. AZA

    AZA Active Member

    nice vids >>

    is good to see the franz man is human with that spin:wacko: have to ask thou franz those tyres seem a lil loose on the track thou are they gettin worn?? how much power have you got at the wheels these days? looked like a nice track to drive thou. also are you going to come across for the next nissan datsun nationals in 2007 in melb??
  4. NAVO

    NAVO New Member

    i definatly want in for the next one

    but this one kinda was sprung on me so didn't have alot of time to organise myself, let us know when the next one comes round, i'll be more than happy to provide another zed for the track. :thumbsup:

  5. FranZ


    You didn't even come down to have a look like you said!

    Next one organised by AFARCC is Aug 20 at Collie. Unfortunately its fully booked out and the waiting list is longer than the entry list!

    I'll be competing at Barbagallo Raceway on Saturday in the AMR Speed Event Series. Hit the track at about 9.30am, will be there all day.
  6. FranZ


    hehehe yeah well.

    Tyres were pretty shagged (ie 5% left in them) 2.5 year old Bridgestone RE540's. When I put them on Nathans car that morning they were all different shades of blue! haha

    I was driving Nathans zed on the weekend; my zed was at home with a blown clutch master cylinder -> slave cylinder line! I don't know of anyone that has blown this; has anyone here? ...all good now and ready for competition this weekend. Nathans zed was making about 500hp at the wheels last weekend in those videos.

    Melb in 2007 - looks like a possibility - as is the Dutton next year! :)
  7. Draco

    Draco The 1000 Man....

    blown line..

    Wooksta did his a month or so ago, and a couple of others did theirs recently,
    when he had his line made up the guy had just done another the day before.. :wacko:
  8. FranZ


    Well there you go...

    Everyone else I've spoken to has never heard of it happening before. Specially from it seperating from the crimp.
  9. NAVO

    NAVO New Member

    I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i spoke to scottie, saw you driving nath's car, saw you spin out at the top corner, was an awesome day, i even downloaded all the video off your site. i tell you what, i wanted on that track so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!, saw you chop that grunty ute, nice one :thumbsup::thumbsup: the drifitng was hell good.

    i was definatly there, no one could keep me away.

    it was an awesome day, i just wish i knew all the details, then i would of entered, i was gonna come and speak to you, but you looked like you were in the zone, i didn't want to bother you.

    just to let you know, i was definatly there, enjoyed every second of it.

    thanks franz
  10. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    I like the "in the zone" comment.....

    I can just picture franz with his "in the zone face"....scary!
  11. FranZ


    Well I apologise...

    ...I was expecting someone to come up and say "Hi Im Ash off the forum" but didn't get it so assumed you didn't show. My bad.

    "in the zone" lol was a fun track day, nothing serious and even if it was, I'd still stop and have a chat to ya!
  12. FranZ


    Its nothing like the "o" face though Paul - rest assured! haha
  13. ZXxx

    ZXxx Getting Stiggy wid it!

    Only risky can make a decent "O" face.....still have the pic

    of him at the drags that day when tam started talking about the female chestal region. Love it!
  14. NAVO

    NAVO New Member

    Sorry Franz

    thanks, its not a big deal, no appology necesary. My bad for not coming up for a chat. i'll catch up on the "slightly south cruise", if your still going, i'll be there.

    I'm seriously thinking about getting into ameture motorsport racing, my dad always wanted me to get into it, and the track day was just enough to get me going. so i'll have good long chat at the cruise.

    but thanks franz for the invite and for wanting to help me out at the track. really apreciate it.

    catch ya soon
  15. Nissan JT

    Nissan JT New Member

    Great vids Franz

    Boy do I love the sound of that S/C S13 it sounded great on the day but even nicer on the footage. It was great watchin u drive from the outside but even better seeing the race lines that u took. Some great footage over all.

    Cheers Josh
  16. Tektrader

    Tektrader Z32 Hoe, service me baby

    I watched all the vids Franz

    great day by the looks of it.

    Tell you wat though. I just get the drifting thing !!! :wacko:

    It would be enough for me to be circuit racing, hammering every corner.
  17. FranZ


    I assume you mean you don't get drifting?

    Each to their own.

    I know the older generation don't understand the point of it nor see the attraction in it. *shrug*

    I enjoy both "grip" and "drift".

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