Gold Coast Driveby!!! :cool:

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Fate, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    Thanks to those who came last night, I know i had fun.

    We only had 3 Zeds turnup in the end, but thanks to Starky (starsky) ;) We had a 180sx and a 200sx come for the drive/drift as well. A couple of the Chictorque members also came out and had a bit of fun in the wet with us as we HOONED down Orchid ave several times.

    I also found out last night that i'm in desperate need of new tyres, as it seems that loss of traction even under little accelloration was causing me problems.

    The BoyZ and Girls decided that we should make a cruize down to the Spit where low and behold we all somehow finally managed to get lost. :wacko:

    Of all places, we get lost at the Spit. :( Aye aye aye.!!!!

    Members that attended: Pr0phet (Sam), 57ARKY (Michael) and Myself. Thanks to the extra's in their little hoon vehicles for coming also:p. And yeah thanks to Brissie_beauty for working hard all night. (Under her heater harassing the general public). ;)


    How good is that. I guess they were too busy down hassling Static Existance;).

    See ya sideways and Thanks Again.

  2. 57ARK

    57ARK New Member

    Definately was a good night..

    Specially for a Monday night.

    Time for an official club cruise I thinks!!!

    Have to thank Clint in the 200 and Sonja in her 180 for comming too.

    And the Chic Torque Chick too..

    I got some pics if anyone has a place for me to upload them to..
  3. bobchic20

    bobchic20 Guest

    had the best night in a while!!!

    hey guys!!!! thanks to mpstarkey for inviting me along n comming n showing me the way.and the rest of u guys who at the end ripped my maccas toy apart. i didnt even get to play with it!!!!! lol had the best nite n would love to do it again. maybe even drift/powerslide my car for real. lol. n maybe next time someone will give up their keys of their beloved z......???? lol
  4. brenton

    brenton Member

    next time Fate,

    Ill make the trip down and show you how to lap a city :thumbsup:

    next week perhaps ;););)
  5. Fate

    Fate Evil Genius

    You showed me how you lap Brizzy at the Caz dinner ;) :p. Safer laps my way

    Man, can't wait for ya to come down and lap with us.

    I think we all need get a big Surfers Sunday arvo lapping session in.

    I'm not normally into the lapping, but i think just once we should do it.

    Cheers Fate.
  6. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    LOST ON THE SPIT .....????!!!!!!

    FATE ...TO REMIND .....
    the spit has only one road ..and it is both in and out ...!!!!!

    black baz ,,, left wondering just WOT was goin on ??!!
  7. static existence

    static existence New Member

    The police found some more loose screws in my glovebox this time

    So they defected my car, nah serious i totally forgot. at 10pm i remember... :(

    sorry guys,

    But fate it would be a challenge for you to drive my silly car in the wet.


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