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Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by Steven, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    Myron, 350Z owner, has asked me to thank >>>

    all the 300ZX owners that made him welcome at Gilgandra. Despite being a 350Z owner instead of owning one of our beloved Z32's, he has told me that he had a great weekend, and still felt part of the crowd.I think he gave as good as he got as far as the jibes about who had the better car are concerned.Whilst Myron is not a forum member, he has the occasional lurk around. The connection is that we work together and continuously shit-stir each other about our cars ;) ;) ;) ;). Oh yeah Myron, thanks for the test drive from the zoo back to Gil - I promise not to claim Z32's are better for at least ........ a week.
    PS: I want your gearbox!
  2. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    you'll just have to remember the 350 has

    a six speed gearbox plus the reverse gear
  3. panda

    panda New Member

    I did me, further up the page.

    Not that it was noticed seeing there are a few other posts on this thread. :YD
  4. chewy

    chewy Active Member

    don't we all want that gearbox :)

    Maybe cause it was a newbie but it shifts nicely and a short throw. When Myrons not looking see if you can drop it out and send it up here so I can bolt it in replacement of my half dead gear box.
  5. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Row 7 Pos 2 = 300zxFairladyTT (n/m)

  6. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Row 2 Pos 1 CONFIRMED

    as ZXTT-1. Found another pic showing license plate.Cheers, Rob.:-Z
  7. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Just to confuse the issue, Neville >>

    from The Blue Mountains, has his RED Z w/White 5 spokes, in there somewhere, and at the time had no Nickname.( REGO=THE 300)
    :-Z }D :D
  8. RedZedMikey

    RedZedMikey RZM should now be DZM

    The best part is that its a true >>>

    close ratio 6 speed, not a normal 5 speed plus extra overdrive like Holden use. 100kmh in 5th = 2900rpm, in 6th = 2250rpm. I shifted back to 3rd for a passing move, surprised me how high in the rev range it was, 4th would have done.Would take a little bit of mental adjusting, but NICE =) =) :YD.
  9. chewy

    chewy Active Member

    now can we get them new from nissan ?

    Wonder how complex the bell housing adapter would be. I think High Energy can make bell housing adaptors.
  10. Kalus

    Kalus Finally dug myself out

    just cast one up yourself :) (n/m)

  11. GTP_VLBT1


    hey wizard

    do you have a bomex rear spoiler i.e the 2 spoilers
    one looks stock with ends cut off
    and the F40 spoiler on top of that???
    if so that exactly the same as my car man
    but mines a 2 seater
    looks tops
    and whoever owns that yellow one in the pic looks rad too
  12. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    His car is in row 7 pos 3 and his friend

    that came was next to him in the same row. Can't remember his name but was a blue zed.
  13. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Just to clarify Row 7 Pos 2

    ... (next along from empty space)is 300zxFairladyTT - Craig; then THE300; then Z-car91; Elmer; Wykked.The blue Z, NSW Reg AMV35K, in Row 3 Pos 4 may be the friend of Neville's [THE300]?Cheers, Rob.:-Z
  14. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Nope! Craig is Nev's friend (So is>

    everybody else. Why did I answer this one:?) :-0 ).Cheers
  15. Baroo

    Baroo TIMMAY!

    Geez. Why didn't someone just write down all

    the names in order while we were there. Perhaps we all were just admiring all the zeds and not bothered by this quandrum.:-Z
  16. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    I still have a number of original pics, mainly individual Zeds from show'n shine. File sizes are circa 700kb and I can upload here if requested by original attendee's. EG:-

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  17. IB

    IB ?????

    Awesome thread dig with great pics including me and my zed
  18. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    How many of the original ZedFesters are still active on the Forum? I don't qualify though I'm sure there must be others apart from you Ian.
  19. IB

    IB ?????

    Great question.

    From Canberra, I don't know about active on the forum but John aka zcar91 still has his zeds and was at last Zedfest in Dubbo. Simon aka RazorTT has his zed but it hasn't been out of the garage for a few years.

    Redzedmikey still has at least two zeds.

    Is Chewy still working on his?
  20. K-zed

    K-zed Secret Squirrel

    Chewy probably still figuring out where all the bits go. Last time I was in touch with Qld Zedders was about 6 years back. MagicMike probably knows who's active and still has a Zed.

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