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    Next weekend we will be racing at Bathurst for the Australian Hillclimb Championships. Over the last few weeks (and even months) we have been doing a bit of work to get the car ready. The last addition was a 3 liter catch can so we comply with CAMS regulations and a bit of a reworking of the fuel system.


    Once again we came third in the state series (3rd 3 years running:mad:) but this year was the toughest requiring 2 engine rebuilds. The first one wasn't unexpected as the engine was 4 years old and had a lot of miles on it. A turbo seal let go and it pumped half the sump into one bank. Two events later we had a bigend bearing fail causing crank damage and another rebuild. Joe and the guys at Dontex were great through all of it and even came to the party on the costs of the second rebuild even though there was no evidence of it being their fault. With 3 weekes between events it was great that they could get the engine back together, and even better that Bob could spare the time to do some tuning. Like everything, if you break it you need to make it bigger and badder so the car now has a slight increase in power.


    I've sent Greg the dyno sheet for inclusion in the list, but now I really need to work on mechanical traction to get the car to hook up. Bring on the Mountain.
  2. SIM300


    Neat looking setup. Have to be happy with the power figures also, nice work.

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