GB now open for Stainless steel Kick plates/ side sills

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by smithys-place, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member

    Re any update

    Yes mate, as i said last week black and yellow were on order, this came in today and so black ones were packaged up and ready to go, as was Marks yellow for his N/A.
    Anyone who missed this GB, we start the US one later this week, your free to join that one (
    It will be advertised by a friend of mine who's username is woody (75) denver, simply convert the US price into AUD if you wish as their price is same as yours inclusive of shipping.
    many thanks guys for all those who took part, any problems please just mail me
  2. NoZed(NoMore)

    NoZed(NoMore) New Member

    Um, yeah.. in all seriousness...

    Are mine due to get shipped sometime soon?
  3. Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz)

    Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz) New Member

    Recieved and installed my bling today!

    I would have posted pics but my car is friggin dirty
  4. fish

    fish N/A 1990

    stainless kick plates

    Thanks smithy fitted and looks great thanks for for the GB cheers mate FISH:thumbsup:
  5. NoZed(NoMore)

    NoZed(NoMore) New Member

    Aha! Arrived this morning.

    Look pretty excellent. Can't wait to get 'em in! Thanks smithy.
  6. WILD

    WILD New Member

    havent got mine

    yet paul. i got the blue ones any idea when they will be shipped also???

  7. scottZ

    scottZ Manwhore

    I just got mine

    They look very nice, see what they look like when they are in.

    I plan to connect the drivers side to the passenger side, and then the passenger side to the interior light relay under the back seat.

    I hope I have it right??? :wacko:
  8. Berton

    Berton New Member

    Mine arrived yesterday

    Thanks Smithy they're awesome!!:thumbsup:
  9. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member

    just remind me

    just give me yer real name again will yer fella, all postal ref numbers are done from those see.
    But just incase, these left the other day IF your one of them.
    Scott Manson RI530157256GB
    Darryl Smythe RI530157266GB Sills
    Darryl Smythe RI471388947GB Fuse covers
    Mark Bionde RI471388920GB Yellow silicone/pipe
  10. WILD

    WILD New Member

    hey paypal took money

    out on the 9 Aug 2005 PAYPAL *SMITHY 402 935 7733 AUS cheers

  11. ZisLuv

    ZisLuv New Member

    The other day...

    you said the black were packaged and ready to go with the yellow. Have the black ones been shipped yet?
  12. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member


    I know yer paid fella, it was just yer real name i wanted to cross reference with postal slips, dohh
    Got yer PM thanks.
    Will post up the last remaining postal numbers soon as my guy who posted em gives em to me.
    Zisluv that includes yours mate.
  13. ZisLuv

    ZisLuv New Member


    Thanks, cant wait to fit them. How bout the rest of you buggers posting some pics?
  14. maTTz

    maTTz 500 Club


    you got my paypal payment with my shipping address right?

    no problems mate?

    it was the blue indiglo sills and blue silicon pipes i was after :zlove:

  15. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master

    got mine on friday....

    they look awesome, thanks smithy..:) Cant wait to fit them....:)

  16. WILD

    WILD New Member


  17. smithys-place

    smithys-place New Member

    more shipping numbers

    Andrew Gibb RI471388880GB
    Nathan Stewart RI530157270GB
    Adrian Langowski " RI621629019GB
    Mathew Humble " RI621629036GB
    Daniel Robinson RI530157297GB
    Geoff Wells " RI530157249GB
    Hopefully no one is missing, lol
    thanks fellas
  18. NoZed(NoMore)

    NoZed(NoMore) New Member

    Installed mine the other day

    They look great smithy, one thing though, the inverter has a high pitched squeal when they're on. Is anyone else having this problem, or have I got a bit of a dud inverter?
  19. Claymen

    Claymen Active Member

    Mine does the same

    Where i mounted it you cant hear it anyway
  20. Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz)

    Zzz (AKA ZzzZzzZzz) New Member

    IL invertors

    all IL invertors make this noise, the more power/larger pannel the louder it gets
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