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    Some of us over the years, or recently have purchased a set of ganador Mirrors for our zeds.

    These are not to everyone's design taste but the subtle lines and aerodynamic moulding stand out and can actually give a slight highlight to the side lines of a zeds fender/roof arch join.


    Items needed
    Soldering iron
    3mm wire
    6.2male and female spade connectors
    Wire stripper/teeth/knife
    You will need the door card off for this.

    But, how many of us have removed factory, bolted up ganador, only to discover the connectors are completely different, and the wires.
    The ganador only has 3
    BLACK (left)
    BLUE (up)
    BROWN (right and down)

    The factory has 7
    2xBLACK (heated mirror)
    1xYELLOW (left)
    1xBLUE (up)
    1xPURPLE (right and down)

    Now, these colours could be open for change perhaps on later year models, but where it gets confusing is the 7colours on the factory look are completely different to the 7 on the mirrors harness
    See here
    You'll need to check before disconnecting and take a picture or write it down
    In my case
    Light blue=blue
    Blue black=yellow
    Dark blue=purple

    So, from above, now you know the harness colours that correspond to the mirror function
    Blue/black(yellow) factory>>>black ganador
    Dark blue(purple) factory>>>blue ganador
    Light blue(blue) factory>>>blue ganador

    This should function then as per factory directions via center console mirror adjustment.

    End result, poor picture, looking sexy however
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    Please note,

    Dark blue/purple is meant to go to BROWN ganador wire

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