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Discussion in 'Technical' started by mikemd, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. mikemd

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    As in mechanical 'lock'.... Anyone fitted a locking device of any sort to a Zed fuel inlet? It seems the old credit card trick can be used to open the fuel flap fairly easily and I'd prefer to have some sort of obvious lock fitted to the flap to discourage the pilferers. I realise a locking cap can be used internally, but I'd rather have them not even get to that point.
  2. aazn

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    dont think there is anything that you can use.. unless you want to drill a hole in the cap and have one of those basic lock that turn to unlock...

    ever had your fuel stolen before?

    other option is... like some other cars... have an actuator that pushes a rod out to hold the fuel lid in place wire this to your keyless entry..
    alot of european cars do this, so when you push lock, the atcuator pushes a rod to lock the fuel lid, unlock the car and the fuel lid unlocks and works with the fuel leaver.
  3. Madcow

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    Sounds good in theory, but the flaps are not too strong, just need a screw driver and you snapped the flap in half, they are only made fron plastic. Id rather had 10$ of fuel stolen then having no cover.
  4. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    I was under the impression that there is a "baffle" in the fuel pipe which prohibits syphoning of fuel from a Z32 tank(I have never been able to get a plastic tube into the petrol), so there would be very little chance of stealing the petrol.[​IMG]
    Putting a lock on a plastic fuel flap would be as useful as a Security door on a tent.:p:D:D:br:
  5. quickzx

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    What about a locking fuel cap
  6. mikemd

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    The thought was to act more as a deterrent to the use of a screwdriver,etc, on the flap and the subsequent damage to paint and bodywork. It's not the fuel loss but the niggle of fixing paint scratches and misaligned fuel flaps. It's happened twice....
  7. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    Where is this happening?
    Is it at the same location each time?

    My suggestion would be to wire-up a small interior light switch inside the fuel flap, connect it to the Horn, then when the flap is opened it will blow the horn(fit a small "Kill Switch" somewhere inside the car, so that you can "Arm" it when the car is unattended.
  8. lysergic

    lysergic PWRTRIP

    i actually find it very surprising you are having fuel stolen, ive only ever heard of that happening up in remote WA where its used for sniffing

    what kind of location are you leaving the car unattended in for this to be happening? sounds very dodgy
  9. mikemd

    mikemd New Member

    Dunno about fuel actually being taken (refer Chili's comments above), it's more the attempts and paint damage that bug me! Especially as I'd not long being attempting a re-spray... My thinking was to effect more of a deterrent by having a visual lock. Car has been parked outside my apartment with a large visitors' parking area opposite...
    ps... love the look of that LS; took me a while to find it tho' after the l(eg)s...
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