Found a different reason Im glad I own a Zed

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by GT, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. GT

    GT New Member

    ..Damaged my right knee rather severly last sunday week ago, and its the onlv vehicle we have I can get into with out bending my leg Because of the long doors, and the seat (passenger side, I cant drive) is so low and goes back so far, I can sit with my leg straight, (I can only bend the knee about 10 degrees). On a pain scale out of ten, to get into and ride in, a Pajero scores about 9, a Triton about 7, and the Zed about 3. So there you go, you can now add medical reasons to the list, of why you bought a Zed. ouch, regards GT :( :(
  2. Z32

    Z32 New Member

    Hope you haven't been "kicking ass".=)=)
  3. Blade83

    Blade83 New Member

    sounds like he got it lodged =)

    be more careful next time ass whoopin :p

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