For sale - Wrecking accident damaged zed, most parts available

Discussion in 'Car Parts for Sale or Wanted' started by Ascension, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member


    I've been toying with fixing this Zed for a few months now but i've decided to part it out after adding up the amount of work and dollars required to repair it.

    The car has no gearbox, but was previously a manual so pedals, clutch and shifter etc are all there (just no gear knob)

    A few more details...
    89' TT 2+2, Charcoal paint, tweed interior, Jap spec.
    Located near Wollongong, NSW. Most bulky parts would be pickup only, or I can deliver to certain areas of Sydney, or arrange to meet up somewhere.

    I've never sold zed parts before so if some prices are totally un-realistic please let me know :)

    Hatch is a brazillian with infill panel/brake light. Hatch has two very minor dents on the top which would be an easy tap out or fill job. With glass and trim




    3 inch Cat back exhaust brand VFT whatever that is. Bit of surface rust but working condition. Chrome tips.



    Side skirts, not sure from what kit



    Passenger guard



    TT engine with 128000 k's on the clock. Engine was not damaged in the accident, mounts look undamaged. Engine is complete and I assume running but I have not had it running personally. Just stands to reason it was going in order to have had the accident.
    - Engine will not/does not come with the following. Timing covers, front water pipes, PTU, throttle cover, turbo's,

    But does have alternator and A/C compressor, steering pump etc etc. Basically everything else except above mentioned items.



    Targa tops in pretty good nick, wont come with the outer strips on the edge as they all appear new and will go on my car sorry :) The bolt caps that go through the glass as a little bit rusty as they all get but not too bad. They have the inside sun shields with them also in good condition.

    $85 each


    Doors with mirrors (No trim) no dings/scratches

    $100 each



    Centre stereo vents facia panel thingo and inner door handle surrounds and power mirror controls etc. They have all been painted silver and look good but as you can see in first pic, the centre panel has some small scratches down the bottom where a hands free kit was fitted. There's also a small hold at the bottom that I dare say had a flashing led installed there.

    $150 for the lot



    The matching door handle surrounds are included but not pictured sorry.

    Instrument cluster showing almost 128000 klms. It's got a 180kph speedo but i'll throw in a black 300kph speedo face. All that's needed is the resistor to make the speedo read correct. There's tech atricles that explain how to do it and it's not very hard for anyone with moderate skill.



    Space saver wheel



    1x Z31 (I think) wheel?? no centre cap



    Manual conversion parts. Gear shifter and console (no knob), pedals, clutch master, slave and line, clutch booster tank, and tt flywheel. NO gearbox or clutch


    More to come, but most of the car is there except for everything in front of where the radiator would be.

    More pics of the car can be found here Zed/

    As I said before, i've never sold parts like this so let me know if i'm kidding myself haha :)

  2. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    Side skirts

    Hi Ben,

    mate just wonbdering if the lhs side skirt is in the same condition as the rhs in the pic is??
    are there any cracks/dents or only the usual paint chips?

  3. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Both skirts are in excellent condition, no scratches or chips that I can see, might be some stone chips underneath though but it's wet outside and I wasen't gonna lie on the grass :) :)

    Only potential problem might be getting them off, they are glued on pretty good but should'nt be too much of a drama.

    Thanks for the enquiry.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2007
  4. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    pm sent about inside trim
  5. Jeffro

    Jeffro New Member

    pm sent

    re Skirts
  6. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    dam if u were in melb i would have taken those skirtz off ya in a heartbeat. :(
  7. SammyK300

    SammyK300 A member

    PM sent

    For Exhaust
  8. henpecked

    henpecked very small member

    PM re side skirts

    sent PM probably 90 sec too late though
  9. henpecked

    henpecked very small member

    side skirts sold !

    was WRONG !!!!:p the cheque is in the mail :D ;)
  10. daz07

    daz07 Daz

    Do you have the head unit mounting brackets that you attach to the side of the head unit so that it can be screwed in behind the centre fascia?

    Would you be willing to sell me just the interior trim of the driver's side targa? It's the only part I need and getting the whole thing with shipping would be expensive. Perhaps somebody would just need the glass...?

    What's your rear cargo cover like?

  11. kaos Z

    kaos Z New Member

    pm sent
  12. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry mate someone has already taken/stolen the head unit and brackets before I took ownership of the car.

    I'll keep you in mind with regards to the targa trim, but for now they are in great condition so i'd like to try to sell them complete.

    Also meant to state before, there is no cargo cover sorry.


  13. ADEMON

    ADEMON Member


    Hi Ben

    Are you selling the interior bits if yes, I have pics that I need

    Is the passenger side part as circled


    Is the plastic backing of the inside hatch as circled


    If you have these parts let me know and I can come on sunday to pick them up, I may buy other parts pending whats available, if you have the parts mentioned consider them sold pending condition and inspection

    I will need a contact and address



  14. daz07

    daz07 Daz

    Thanks mate. Let me know about the trim.

    Just remembered one more thing, how's the condition of the driver's side sun visor?

  15. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    The pocket thingy on the visor with the jap writing on is has partially torn off. Same thing as on my car otherwise I would have taken it already :)


  16. BarcLayoni

    BarcLayoni BlkBaz's apprentice P/W

    PM Sent

    pm sent
  17. mmmdreg

    mmmdreg Member

    I'm after the driver side of the same thing.. I'm in Sydney. Let me know! =)
  18. niven

    niven Member

    hatch trim

    Would you consider parting the hatch - i need the interior trim that covers the rear wiper motor etc ( and the fixings for it too )

    am also after rear speakers and grilles ?

  19. roi

    roi wallet inspector

    i'm not in the market to actually purchase,
    however must comment how well you put the first post together, ie the pictures and footnotes to go.

    Good luck with it all, i hope you get your money back for all the bits and piece for the car.
    don't forget to scrap the shell when you have finished, get some money back for recycling!!!
    probably get about $100 for the bonnet (aluminium) alone!!!

  20. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Sorry mate, I would like to sell it complete at this stage.
    But even if I end up parting it then there are 2 or 3 people who have already asked for the same things. Sorry



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