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Discussion in 'Technical' started by FairlayDave, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    Hey guys a couple of months ago all the work i had done and time that felt like I wasted finnally paid off.
    I am completely new to this and any advice in owning a zed would be much appreciated. at the moment im still at school an dont even have my p plats as im sixteen, but am now a proud owner of a 1989 300zx TT MT :thumbsup:. as im new to this i am also unaware as to what the first mod should be (thats if it has no problems) to gain the greatest amount of power with least amount of money. as ive got a little bit to pay off on it so im strapped for cash:angry:

    sry about the night shot will get better photos
  2. beaver

    beaver southern zeds

    mate you have at lest four years

    before you can drive that car, how long have you been working part time to save enough money for it? also fill in your profile, What a top effort if you paid for the z with your own money.
  3. JEDI-77

    JEDI-77 Jedi Master


    seriously dude, at your age you shouldnt be concentrating on getting the most power, but rather learning how to drive.... the zed is powerful and can be very unforgiving on new, inexperienced drivers..... not matter how good a driver you think you are, you just dont have the experience.... enjoy the zed, but please dont become a statistic....

  4. minivan

    minivan Guinea Pig Test Monkey

    Re: hehehehehe

    fill in your profile, what state are you in
  5. Babbb

    Babbb New Member

    You will soon learn...

    that the word cheap generally isn't mentioned when talking about modding a Z... Then again the fact that you own one at 16 means that maccas must have given out some hefty pay rises since i worked there a couple of years ago when I was your age. But a good start would be a POD filter I spose? Use the search function, very handy info in there.

  6. MickJ

    MickJ Member

    Welcome to forum

    fill in your profile and then get along to a tech day in your state being underage someone is sure to offer a lift.In many states TT's are not legal for P platers.Spend your money on defensive driving courses till you have full license and then you'll know the best mods :zlove:
  7. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    Thanks for the feedback

    ive been saving for about 2.5 years an have been working 2 jobs for most of the time. i must admit my parents helped alot by throwing in 2.5 grand, so it wasnt all my own, but still it took alot of sacrificing to be able to afford it by grade 12.
    As for the experience, i know im not a good driver an thx for the concern, I have unfortunately already been involved in an accident where i had to see someone die. an have experienced how easily a controlled situation can change. i have no intention of becoming a statistic, im taking it slowly an just want to enjoy my car.
    with the money problem i am fully aware that for as long as i keep the car i will not be seeing the same amount of cash i had before it, just to keep it one the road. ive seen this through my brother (he owns an rx7)
    but the fact remains i love cars an i still want to make it uneque and a presence on the road. ive checked out the search for mods - what do you think about an exhaust?
  8. kade_744

    kade_744 has largest member

    Re: Welcome to forum

    hey, i am in the same position, but im 17 tomorrow :thumbsup: yay for me :p do you have ur l's yet? i get my p's friday weeek :) cant wait. have a look in my profile if u want to see my pride n joy :zlove:
  9. DooGz

    DooGz New Member

    welcome D

    for zeds, this forum is your baby.

    plenty of parts for sale by individuals and businesses. also, save $$$ on group buys so watch for them too.

    tech section is filled with guidelines on almost everything that you can afford at the moment, and they're pretty detailed and dumbed-down so mechanic-retards like myself can understand and follow.

    otherwise, just ask. have fun on boost and take care. :thumbsup:

    "sheez... when i was ur age, i had a '77 lancer. i still miss it!"
  10. MickJ

    MickJ Member

  11. Cookie

    Cookie New Member

    the best mod you could possibly do for your car right now as a 16 year old

    is to make yourself the best driver possible. spend money on power later.
  12. CurnZ

    CurnZ zero rwkw

    check out

    Maintenance is the best thing you can do for your zed when you first get it. :thumbsup:
  13. red32

    red32 You talkin' to me?

    This suggests a joke...

    Q: How is a Zed different from a woman?
    A: With a Zed, you pay maintenance BEFORE the divorce!

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