finally getting the car looking 100%%%%

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Chad_, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    ive got goosbumps on how its going to finish up :D should look shweet as :zlove:

    nose had those two original holes for the badge. bar had cracks, chips etc etc. bonnet had couple of dints. gaurd had a dint. bar didnt line up 100%

    well thats all changing now :D:D:D

    whole front end is getting redone and we are almost there. i cant believe how much good work this guy has done in only one day. i gave it to him at middday and he rang me at about 9pm telling me to come this morning to check it out....

    everything is 100% now :cool2::cool2::cool2:

    still needs to block it back more and prime it more, few more lil things to get perfect still. but it will be all 100% cant wait :cool::cool:


    check out this line. factory fit? :D (yes i know there is a peel as mentioned it still needs to be blocked back and more work)


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  2. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    good stuff Chad....:zlove:

    i dont know much about prep and paint....but is the car that grey from sanding etc? what is it? is it the paint sanded back a bit or is it stuff he has put on?
  3. MikeZ32

    MikeZ32 das Über member

    duuuuuude, that alignment is mint. mine is still out by a little bit after that late night animal incident. if i ever take the car off the road for a respray, i'm gonna get this guy to realign everything for me as well.

    cant wait to see the end product.
  4. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    nice one chad,should look great

    high fill and primer i would guess erica
  5. ed300zx

    ed300zx Active Member

    ahhh ok, cheers sisi
  6. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    simon where is that tech on how to make the fog lights sit further out and flush with the bar ?
  7. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    looking good man , cant wait to see it , finished up washed up and cruzzzzed up .. looks good ............
  8. JETzx


    WTF did topher do to ur car, u got owned!!! :D
  9. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAHA i just noticed that LMFAO
  10. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    tell us more Pat lmaoooooooo

    tech is easy,ill find it
    But it is simply getting a rod of the same screw thread,joining them with 2 nuts so its extended and screwing a nut on the longer thread as the adjustment

    tech is on 300zxclub under how to's,if you can find it,let me know and i will
  11. jaybo

    jaybo New Member

    looks good mate - i always hate seeing a car with a bodykit and it hasn't been done properly. I'm in the process of doing mine myself - it takes forever eh with a lot of bogging and sanding. Even the best made kits can require a bit of lining up.

    looking really good - can't wait to see the finished result!
  12. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    ye the rest of my car is looking sweet its just the front end with chips, cracks and lining up that was making the overall look degraded. now thats all changing.

    but get ur car to a pro man. as mentioned before i gave it to him yesterday midday and i just took those pics today. so much work done in a day :eek:.
  13. ZedEx

    ZedEx Dr No

    very nice chad. How much all up?
  14. ZYTRAM

    ZYTRAM Formerly known as martini_Z

    Looking great Chad, cant wait to see the final result!~
  15. JETzx


    Just a personal joke simon, u wont find it funny unless you were there
  16. hpcoolahan

    hpcoolahan back to boost ...yay

    You do the undercoat/primer, then mist coat a black over it.
    Sand back till no more black spots and shes flat as, no bumps.:D

    Looking sexy as will be proud!!
    Looks like hes a good old-school painter too.
    Best of luck Chad (jeolousy is a curse......doh..)

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  17. rollin

    rollin First 9

    ************************ Looks good **************
  18. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    just got this pic sent to me via phone. i havnt seen it yet in person but i am picking her up tomorow :D:D:D:D

  19. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    are you only getting the front half done ?? :confused:
  20. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    yep. the car was previously sprayed already. just the front needed redoing from few dints and bar/nose etc.... colour has been matched ill prob take the car to someone like final inspection to polish the rest of the car to look new like the front.

    i dont want to do the rest of the car yet. once i get the side skirts and rear bar then i will redo the whole entire vehicle. too much plans for that atm. side skirts + molded into body, rear bar +molded to body, remove door handles, gaurd indicators, rear reflectors, weld up hole where old wiper use to be on boot, relocate fuel filler and close fuel filler door, arggg too much. but once i get a rear bar and side skirts then i will go and do all those at the same time and respray the whole car a nice black with a blood cherry pearl or flake..... cant wait till i get the skirts and rear bar :eek:

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