Exhaust Cams Retarded????

Discussion in 'Technical' started by geofnvic, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Mitch

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    This was my main point. Makes a 'quick and simple' adjustment for DIY seat of the pants tuning a little difficult when you factor in a planum pull. Damned zeds. Nothing is ever easy. I'm getting a LS1. :rofl:
  2. geofnvic

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    Sorry for not replying earlier but very busy at work!! The guy that made the assumption had a computer hooked up for diagnostics and was driving the vehicle at the time.. He assured me it was really easy to get the timing out as the marks usually lined up half way between the teeth but I used a new belt which was already marked clearly and I was very confident that I had it right.
    I guess might next trick will have to include a degree wheel on the crank and dial indicator on the cam to check opening and closing of valves......
  3. geofnvic

    geofnvic New Member

    No not yet but they may be the only answer, are they readily available and if so at what cost and from where????
  4. Chrispy

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    Not that easy to get and only a few options.

    Z1 in the states do some cheap ones.

    Other option is JUN or OS Giken from japan, they are about ~$400 per set of intakes or exhausts. They look very nice though :p I've got them on my engine, but haven't dialed them in. Will probably get it done on the dyno.
  5. lurker_nz

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    Before going to all that trouble I'd get your car checked out by someone totally familar with Zeds. I'm struggling a bit to see how he could tell your cams were retarded by just hooking up some sort of gizmo to the car especially since Zeds are fitted with Variable Cam Timing (VCT) where the cams timing is adjusted as revs rise. All sorts of variables involved here. This is controlled by the cars ECU, this could have been modified at some stage and affected the VCT. The VCT solenoids could be malfunctioning and not advacing the cams. If the car is okay to drive I would do some more research and get that second opinion from a Zed expert before doing anything else
  6. geofnvic

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    The guru who made the statement has several Zeds and one really quick one and has all the fancy diagnostic gear to suit. The VCT on my zed is only on the intake cams which aren't the problem in this case.
  7. lurker_nz

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    Now we are getting somewhere

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