Excellent condition modified 300ZX Twin Turbo

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  1. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    Hi guys,

    I've decided to sell my Z, it has been a VERY hard decision to come to but ultimately after owning one for 7 years now (or is it 8?) it's just time for a change. This will NOT be my last Z, I just need a break for a year or two and I also want different things from a car these days.... having owned a modified car is not something that thrills me as much as it used to, maybe I'm getting old but I really don't boost it up that often anymore, it's certianly never necessary to put your foot flat down on the street and hit high boost unless you're in the mood. The next Z will either be a convertible once prices in Japan become a bit more reasonable, or a dedicated unregistered track Z.

    The car was imported late 2002, basic info:

    1989 Nissan 300ZX
    Twin Turbo
    2 seater
    Targa roof
    Around 110,000km
    No accident history

    Has been very well looked after, I really can't even remember all of the work I've done there's so much, I have done a lot of preventative maintenance and so on, and whenever somethign was replaced or fixed no corners were cut. Interior, mechanical and exterior condition are all very good, the engine bay has obviously had a lot of work done, if you are more pedantic than I you could probably say it needs a decent clean, otherwise it did win best engine bay at Gilgandra 2004 :)


    Unifilter pod
    HKS T-25G turbos
    HKS dump pipes
    HKS side mount intercoolers
    HKS Twin Power Igniton module
    Hitec Performance custom ECU
    Ab-Flug "Power Superior" stainless 3 inch exhaust (turbo back)
    Ab-Flug hard pipe kit
    High flow cats
    0.5mm oversize pistons and rings
    Tomei 1.5mm metal head gasket
    Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulley
    Apexi AVC-R
    Nismo 555cc injectors
    Nismo fuel pressure regulator
    Nismo GTR fuel pump
    Nismo 1.3 bar radiator cap
    JUN radiator
    Stainless steel lower radiator hose
    Stainless steel braided clutch line
    Has done 260 - 270rwkW (sorry I don't remember the exact figure)

    HKS Super Form Springs
    Bilstein shocks
    Ab-Flug front strut tower brace
    Cusco rear strur tower brace
    Cusco upper pyro suspension mounts
    Cusco tension rods
    Subframe spacers

    Endless brake pads
    Ab-Flug brake master cylinder brace
    Goodrich stainless braided front brake lines

    Viper car alarm with 2 way paging remote and auto start
    Recaro SR driver's seat
    Retrimed black leather interior panels
    Ab-Flug Formula gated shifter
    Momo Corse steering wheel
    2000 model marble centre console
    Blitz dual turbo timerr
    Riocar Empeg in car MP3 player with 10gig hard drive, running Consult.
    Cadence 10" subs x2
    Response 2x150WRMS amps (x2)

    Genuine eurethane Nissan 2000 front fascia
    Bomex style side skirts
    Bomex style rear bar
    Custom headlight eyebrows
    UAS 'Border' vented bonnet
    Manaray MS-6 Hyper 19" wheels (forged, machined duralumin), Nankang tyres with lots of tread left. Can also provide 18" or 17" wheels if so desired.
    Veilside aero mirrors
    Chrome headlights
    Altia illuminated rear panel
    Nismo clear side markers
    Clear tails
    Funky rice horn
    GZA engine bay dress up kit
    GZA battery tie down
    Smithy's-Place braided fuel hoses
    Smithy's-Place laser etched SS fuse cover
    Polished plenum
    Carbon fibre modicoated throttle cable cover
    Laser etched throttle cable strip
    Various other bits and pieces chromed and polished, again I've done a lot and can't keep track of it all.

    Also comes with a variety of spares if you want, plus a few uninstalled mods, we could go around the garage and see what you'd like.

    I really don't want to think about how much I've spent on the car, the previous owner in Japan spent around $30,000 before I got it (although he got a bit ripped off on some stuff in my opinion :) and I've done a lot since. I have a list of all of the mods and price paid when the car was owned in Japan as well as partial service history. The speedo reads 50,000km however this was reset to 0 when the rebuilt engine went in so that is the age of the engine only, before that the car had done around 60,000km (according to service records) hence the 110,000km total km on the chassis. Many of the aftermarket parts installed in Japan (suspension etc) was put in at this time so most of those parts are 50,000km old as well. Timing belt was replaced when the new engine was installed along with a lot of other new preventative maintenance parts.

    Please call me on 0410 334 407 or email if interested, I'm in Melbourne but interstate enquiries are welcome. Also please keep this thread related to enquiries relating to the sale of the car, if people want to post up about me being a traitor etc that can happen elsewhere :)

    Price: $21,500.
    I believe this to be a VERY realistic figure, I know you don't get back what you spend on a car but this car has had a LOT of work done to it.

















    There are even more pictures here, not some are from a few years back so some things will be different, please ask if there's any confusion. I also have probably over 1,000 pics of the car documenting work on it and the like. Also please note that I'm hosting pics on the J-Spec Imports server however this is a private sale and has nothing to do with J-Spec :)

    Click here for more photos.

    I'm offering the car to aus300zx.com members as that's where I'd much rather see it go and will not be advertising it elsewhere for a few weeks.

  2. method

    method Active Member

    You're a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you!!!!

    Sorry to hear that you are selling Ben but as always, everything you do is for a good reason!

    Just a note to whoever is interested in this car, it is awesome to drive, I have driven it once and it ran like a dream!

    Very neat Z!!

    Good luck with the sale dude!
  3. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    man i wish i had the money for this
  4. Kamikaze

    Kamikaze New Member

    What a coincidence. I have been reading your tech articles on headlights

    First of all, thank you for your easy-to read tech posts.

    It is such a pity to lose another zed-dedicated forum member who has been godfather to all of us.:(:(:(

    However, separation leads to another new meeting or reunion. Hopefully, reunion in this case.:zlove:

    BTW, did you chromise(excuse my spelling)or paint the dark grey plastic bit of your headlights with silver colour?:cool:

    Good luck with sale. Wish I had money to buy your zed:|

    What a beautiful beast
  5. Benny_C

    Benny_C About as subtle as...

    Umm ......

    We won't be loosing this particular forum member - as he is the man who created this forum and also administers it. :LOL:

    - BTW, I had a thorough 'drooling' over this beast at Coona, I think $21,500 is a bargain price and worth more. It is immaculate, the new owner will be extremely lucky.

    Good luck Ben. :zlove:
  6. Chad_

    Chad_ Well-Known Member

    Re: Umm ......

    omg i was used the search feature to find information on polished plenums and it came up with this thread....i was thinking this was was done some time ago and changed your mind into never selling it...untill i saw the post date :wacko::wacko:

    this is one sweet ride, awsome example of a zed

    cant belive your selling though...
  7. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work


    Kamikaze: the headlights were plastic chromed by an electoplater (I looked up electroplaters in the yellow pages).

  8. Audiobuzz

    Audiobuzz The Ghost Of AB


    Argggh, why do you do this to me now :S right at the wrong time to be buying another zed....:angry:

    12 months time I probably would have bought it on the spot...take an IOU?:p

  9. OzJustin

    OzJustin Member

    Gotta say I feel where you're coming from Audiobuzz, I was in exactly the

    same position a few weeks back. Found the perfect zed but I couldn't get enough cash together. Why can't we all be born with more money :(

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