EOI - Unorthodox Racing Ultra Sc Series Crank Pulleys

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by ZDUCTIV, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    thats still a prety decent sized order...

    possibly zductive you could speak to some of the business's on thne forum and see if they would like to purchase a few sets,or they may have customers that may be intertested that dont frequent the forum....you never know.....:)
  2. peter_jc

    peter_jc New Member

    Put me down for a crank Pulley, thanks.
  3. JamesZX

    JamesZX POZEST

    List to date:
    1. ZDUCTIV
    2. CurnZ
    3. MikeZ32
    4. XZX007
    5. akeizm
    6. JamesZX
    7. Jeffro
    8. mafi-zed
    9. Martin
    10. Renegauge
    11. RENZED
    12. pdzor
    13. kr4usy
    14. topher
    15. LaZZaR
    16. Babbb
    17. yeti
    18. Ascension
    19. mmmdreg
    20. Jinxed
    21. Raheen
    22. rjdzx300
    23. ChronoXXX
    24. tHeSmUrF
    25. blackjap
    26. peter_jc

    People interested in other accessory pulleys :
    1. ZDUCTIV: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water Pump
    2. CurnZ: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water Pump
    3. XZX007: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water Pump
    4. Hyper101: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water Pump
    5. Babbb: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump
    6. Ascension: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump.
    7. Renegauge: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump.
    8. JamesZX: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump
    9. ChronoXXX: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump
    10. Jinxed: NA Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump
    11. tHeSmUrF: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump.
    12. Raheen: TT Power Steering, TT Alternator, TT Water pump.
  4. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    Inclind to agree here...

    If you have 30 people exactly... chances are that a couple of people maybe more will pull out.... I reckon your going need 33-35 soft orders at least.... in order to convert that into 30 hard orders... Just dont see it happening any time soon.....

    My 2 cents...
  5. JamesZX

    JamesZX POZEST

    thats why we are chilling.... laying back till the orders do come through.. ZDUCTIV wasnt even sure it would ever happen.. but i guess its not going too bad at this stage and looks as if there is hope :zlove:
  6. mafi-zed

    mafi-zed the resident hoon

    zductive also said that he MAY make up for 5 orders and sell as a profit later on..
  7. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    zductive if running all these pulleys

    what is the estimated power gain....tt and na
    reason i ask is because i thought the power gain came from the crank pulley being a smaller diameter as well as the weight reduction,but i might be wrong...
    how does the weight compare with say a underdriven gfb crank pulley or similar,will it be lighter or heavier?

    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    I've been over this multiple times in this thread already...
  9. Raheen

    Raheen Active Member

    yeah but..

    The customer is always right... :)
  10. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    so there...

    :p nah i just didnt want to read 50 posts again for the info,but i have now.....
    lets get this off the ground guys and gals i want these already!!!!
    only need another 5 or 6 people and its there,so if your thinking about it then let zductive know!!!;)
  11. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma

    Confirmed weight.

    Zductiv, do you have a confirmed weight of the item?

    Is it definitely 1kg or just an estimate?

    The weight saving on the Underdrive pulley came from a decrease in size as Ross mentioned. If this item is the same size as stock, how much weight is saved...and how is it saved?

    I could only find a guess in the thread and nothing concrete. I'm trying to understand how they saved weight if it's still the same size as a stock pulley... :confused:

    Rob. :)
  12. Ascension

    Ascension Active Member

    Firstly they remove alot of excess material like the factory crank pulley is just a huge chuck of metal etc, where as the UR one is probably more like a bowl shape. Then i'm guessing the UR one is made from billet aluminium too.


    Not a great picture but you can see what I mean.
  13. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    and the removal

    of the rubber dampener as well saves a bit of weight....
    im in regardless i know these will work because of the company making them....they now there stuff you can tell from reading reveiws and info on the website....:zlove:

    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    No, I obviously don't have a confirmed weight as the product doesn't EXIST yet, and never has.

    I made the estimate based on information that the pulley was 8% underdriven, and did a quick calculation. There is a 2.4hp gain (apparently) for every kg taken off the driveline, so even if it fluctuates by half a kg either way, there will be marginal difference in your dyno.

    The idea of this GB is not to get the lightest, most power producing underdrive pulley out there. If it was it would be made of unobtainium and be priced at 6 million dollars with a hefty profit for me.

    This GB is about sourcing a lightweight crank pulley that does not adversely affect water temperatures because of underdriving the stock water pump pulley, and doing this in the most efficient way. (Not having to buy 2 different pulleys that look vastly different.)

  15. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    selling point

    biggest selling point for me is that,as stated, all pulleys will match and look the same, so it will look the part and provide the power benefits...
    just for the record,can you get pricing on the unobtanium set please?...lol just kidding:p (ducks for cover):eek:
  16. Z-Force

    Z-Force SHIFT_Charizma


    Well, if the group buy goes ahead and UR start making these pulleys, let me know how much they weigh. :)

    If it's still a good difference over the stock pulley, I'll be in for one if you decide to buy extra and sell them later...

    I'm a bit tentative now due to the fact that they don't exist and there isn't a true weight saving figure...

    But they look and sound good so far... :)

  17. IBBI

    IBBI Active Member

    i know this is a silly question....but do u have any pics or similar to how they will look.....ie....all of the ones installed....

    since you sed for the plp who dont care about the power gains but want to pull chix.....hahaha:p
  18. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    they dont exist yet...

    the closest you'll get to pics would be in the very top post....nice and shiny polished silver look....:D
    would probably be similar in finish to a silver gfb underdrive pulley,but zductive would need to confirm or deny

    ZDUCTIV Active Member

    As from before in this thread:

    As from before in this thread:
  20. moogster

    moogster New Member

    put me down for the full tt set
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