EOI- infill/3rd brakelight GB

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by awgazm, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    ok know there had been quiet a bit of talk about this several months ago and didnt hear anything after that...
    been talking to my mate at nissan about these panels and is willing to do a GB pricing on them...
    ** THESE ARE BRAND NEW ITEMS-not second hand**
    Normal price is $320 each
    1st GB price is $300 for 1-5 units
    2nd GB price is $280 for 5+ units...
    these are + post prices
    prices may drop if the number of people wanting it goes above 10.... currently unsure of units arriving in the next week or so... ill know in the next 10 days, and can have more ordered if our demand goes for more than that
    They will be delivered to me, and inspected with nissan replacing any broken ones on the spot (if that happens, we all know how fragile these things can be at times).
    WA members will be able to pick up from me, other states members who want in will have theirs shipped and insured
    THIS IS AN EOI ATM- if there is interest ill create a new one in the GB section
  2. Zano

    Zano Member

    Yes please,Im a Brazillian convert

    GOTTAGO New Member

    yeah I'd be in for one
  4. MoulaZX

    MoulaZX #TEAMROB

    Fairly certain I'd be up for this in about a months time.

  5. ichizora

    ichizora Loud

    Yes please... when my tax return comes lol
  6. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    in please
  7. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    I want one but will have to be in about a month too
  8. Evil Errection

    Evil Errection Back in a Zed

    1 for me as well:D
  9. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    people who want it in a month or so, ill be able to organise for you too, normal japan ---> Awe time frame is 4 weeks, atm im taking all their on hand stock, and will have them send for more immediatly so they are here when next round goes through
  10. daves

    daves New Member

    +1 for me please
  11. Zano

    Zano Member

    Would be better for me in a month or so as well
  12. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    as long as i get 5 min in this run ill be able to run it again
  13. deZed

    deZed Member

    1 for me

    Definitely in for this.
  14. Felix

    Felix Custom User

    Is it possible to get some clips for them? I'm a few clips short
  15. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    ill ask him when he confirms numbers for me :)
  16. a2zed

    a2zed Guest

    I would try and have Nissan deliver the panels to each buyers local dealer. They will almost certainly be broken in transit otherwise. Could save yourself and buyers some potential head aches.
  17. blueraven

    blueraven Active Member

    I was thinking the same thing. I'd probably jump on board for that..
  18. Vizard

    Vizard Active Member

    i got mine from nissan for 300$ flat.....whats the benefit of this GB if the cheapest is 280$ ?

    edit : i got mine from a Nissan dealer in wangara, and they had it in stock as well.
  19. Zeo

    Zeo Active Member

    I a thinking of getting one also for later on.
  20. awgazm

    awgazm Active Member

    cheapest atm is 280, like i said, chances are if i get 10 or more that price will drop again... dont wanna save a little where possible??
    also they wont deliver to each dealership individually as this guy is doing discount prices for me only through his dealership... each dealership has their own processes and shit

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