EOI: Clear (No Nipples or Flutes) Headlight Lenses

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by jschrauwen, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. ANDY93Z

    ANDY93Z New Member

    What did you find on ebay...the gears? or the lenses?

    For an update. The manufacturer has my money and I am waiting on the first 5

    samples from them. All I have at the moment. I think if I had realized the time and money involve in the molds and the delivery time I would not have posted my prototypes until last week...
  2. nick300zxtt

    nick300zxtt Member

    any updates?
  3. 300MAD

    300MAD New Member

    Will be VERY interested in a set of these when your done :)

    Keep up the good work guys :D
  4. blueraven

    blueraven Active Member

    Sorry, I found the gears on Ebay. I'm still waiting for them to arrive.
  5. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    How many sets did you get? I believe you're going to need to sets per headlight.
  6. blueraven

    blueraven Active Member

    I got two sets, but I only have one headlight with broken gears. From what I can tell, there was some sort of accident that must have broken one of the headlights as one of them is significantly newer than the other headlight.

    Of course, the old headlight has the broken gears...
  7. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Clear Lense Update

    The first 5 sample sets from the manufacturer are 3rd in line to clear customs by sometime next week. Hopefully by the end of next week or beginning of the week after and they'll be in Andy's hands.
  8. IB

    IB ?????

    LOL, using these gears as an alternating to the stock gears started on aus300zx. Check our tech section for the process.....
  9. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    That would be the one IB, LOL.
    You know how the memory goes over time. I knew there was one in one of the Zed Forums I belong to but didn't rightly know which when I made that post.
  10. lonnie

    lonnie Super Member

    Is this still going ahead?
  11. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    So far, yes.
  12. ACTZX

    ACTZX New Member

    I'm also interested in a set if the price is right
  13. ANDY93Z

    ANDY93Z New Member

    still on.....waiting on our turn in the plant. This is all I can give you Aussies right now. I am getting very impatient with the manufacuturer,,, I want these lenses before the ZNational's here in the states real bad.
  14. DJ Rae

    DJ Rae New Member

    Hi guys. Just joined after years of snooping :)

    How does this product look compared to OEM? I can see that the light is much clearer and cleaner, but what about outsideappearance?

    I have no idea what nipples are on the Z or flutes are, so I'm having a hard time picturing it.

    I've got a '89 TT if that makes a difference.
  15. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Welcome back Jared.
    All of your questions can be answered by going through the whole thread.
  16. Adamness

    Adamness Active Member

    So, any progress on these headlights? Any idea when i might be able to get a set?
  17. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    The project is moving forward albeit very very slowly.
    See post #153
  18. ANDY93Z

    ANDY93Z New Member

    David , my partner told me thrusday that we were waiting on the tracking # and that the first samples had been made. Once we get these at the shop we will get them out to the different ones who said they would test. I hope to have them by the ZNats in USA.
  19. Z_FNQ

    Z_FNQ Refuse to Grow Old

    Stick with it Andy - you've got people all over the world waiting:zlove::zlove::zlove:

  20. nick300zxtt

    nick300zxtt Member

    And really really wanting it to hurry up! ME WANTS!

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