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Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by JETzx, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I've read in forums about other people's engineer report having actual paper work stating modifications preformed on their car, and they use this when pulled over. Is this the same deal in victoria. As the previous owner of my car said when he got a canary for the fmic. He went to check with AVO (they carried out all the mods on the car) they said that it has an engineer certificate already. He told me that in a similar situation i just need to show the cop the green badge in engine bay ( it looks exactly like any other import car badge), from memory it saids "Australian Vehicle Operation it also has eng numbers vin etc...".Is the previous owner making all this up or is this how engineer cert. works in victoria? If so does the cop then go back to his car and check up on the report.
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    Here's what I know

    take what you will from this, for everything I'm about to say, I've also heard contradictive info.You cannot have a blanket test that makes a modification legal (like you can in the US.... ever seen '50 states legal' in American ads?). Therefore, AVO can't get their one unit tested, and this then becomes legal for each one made. Your car must be personally inspected by an engineer, and ONLY yours will be legal, even if your mate has a car with identical mods. I've heard from a few sources this costs around $800, but Mikey (who's been lucky enough to get an EPA sumons) thinks it's more in the vicinity of $2500.Ben
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    Got pulled over the other day.........

    .....Long story but cop told me if i didn't want to get hassled any more I would need an engineers certificate to prove that my car is legal for a P plater (still trying to figure out how to pull this one off) anyway he said I would need to carry an engineers certificate in the glove box. never said anything about a green plate under the bonnet.
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    oh ok

    Zed wont ever be legal for p platers for the obvious reason, however its nothing serious only $105 0 demerit points. However keep in mind that being overpowered for p platers this is a great loop hole for insurance to get out of paying you after a crash (as your not legaly alowed to drive the vehicle). You can drive the vehicle legally only if:
    a.It is company car and you need to drive it as part of your job, in this case your you and boss need to apply with vicroads.
    b.The vehicle is shared by the family and there is no other vehicles in the house for you to drive apart from it, once again you need to apply with vicroads.Just wondering what happens when you get a canary, is it just a simple rwc you need to get. Or do we have to go to altona. Do you only fix the problem they get you for, or will their be further inspection on everything?   
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    $2500 was an unofficial quote >>

    given to me by a desk jockey at the EPA. She may have been pulling the figure out of thin air, or it may be factual estimate - I didn't follow through, so don't really know.

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