End of the road for SHIRI

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by SHIRI, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. SHIRI

    SHIRI New Member

    Good point...

    I didn't drive the car much as I was/am overseas, car has been in the garage for most of the time.It was not suppose to be taken out for a joyride that's for sure. Anyway, it had 3rd party insurance.
  2. VeeP  (Zteriods)

    VeeP (Zteriods) New Member

    sorry to hear Shiri - damn

    really sorry to hear that man.
    Hope everything goes g00d for ya in teh future.
    What does your brother think of the situation at the moment?
  3. Shifter

    Shifter Active Member

    if its a personal loan you dont need

    insurance. Cause my car was older than 10 years I couldn't get a car loan so I went for a personal loan. And for my NA Zed, I would have to pay around the $5500 mark and thats with a 20% no claim bonus.(I'm 21). Add that to the fact that due to its age, you wont get half of what its worth back, and still have to pay a big excess. I have the 3rd party property damage and that only costed $311 for the year.And I dont mind my friend driving my car cause he drives a hell of a lot better than me! :)
  4. NVS300

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    Very sorry to hear about it mate...

    Your car was one of a kind. I always looked out for pics of you car in the VIC cruises. :( Keep your head up dood. And move on. Who knows, looking into the future, you may have the fastest NA in the forum. =) Hope all goes well.

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