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  1. SWH80

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    Can someone advise regarding the electrical connector which below the interior fuse box and is circled in red in the attached photo. Was it fitted to all Z32s and what is its function ?

    We have a dead short somewhere.. We have no dash lights when turning ignition on and no power to starter motor or starter relay.


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  2. ivan129

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    My zed has that link. Not sure what it does. A short would more than likely take out a fuse or something is going to get cooked, if not. You sure your not chasing an open. Usual thing to do is disconnect the battery and meter the end of each fuse. Look for an open fuse. If you find one then follow the wiring diagram to see what it powers. Goo luck.
  3. IB

    IB ?????

    I thought it was a fusible link (from appearance).
  4. SWH80

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    Thanks both Ivan & IB.
    Ivan is your zed auto, TT and is HICAS fitted ? Without really knowing, I am wondering whether these features COULD change the need to have this connector .
  5. ivan129

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    Car was an original Aus delivered NA, auto, non HICAS when I bought it a few years ago. Both engine and trans were shot so I fitted a little project build I had in the shed. Now its a blown 1UZ and A341, Tiptronic auto.
  6. NI85

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    I don't know what wiring mods you have done so the following may not mean anything.

    According to my fuse panel list

    The second top left 20A is meant to be 10A, the 15A on the same row is meant to be 20A

    The bottom row what looks to be 20A (next the last two 10A <- which the link you circled gives power to) is also meant to be 10A
  7. SWH80

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    Thanks N185 - will check my fuse box layout
  8. Chrispy

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  9. brisz

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    Jesus Chrispy, still can not read a wiring diagram, try the loop back "adapter" next it. ;)
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  10. SWH80

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    Was the above 'adaptor' fitted to all Z32s (ours is an early '93 model) ?
  11. SWH80

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for the responses, I am pleased to report our electrical problems have been resolved.. I was confident to reinstall our wiring since I felt all connections and their mate were unique.. This however is not the case, there are two connections on the wiring room harness to the fuse box (front & back) that can be connected incorrectly. I of course did this which coursed a dead short & fuses to blow. Once this was corrected, all is functioning normally, so great to have everything running properly after 17 years :)

    Thanks again for the responses, very much appreciated. I have also learned a lot..

    Stephen Hayes
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  12. IB

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    Well done
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  13. MickW

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    Congrats on the fix and thanks for letting us know mate! It's great when members post a SOLVED / FIXED notice on their threads when they get it sorted.

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