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Discussion in 'Member's Garage' started by FireHorse, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Mr G

    Mr G Active Member

    Slight drop but definitely looks better! The wheels sit nicely inside the guards now, big improvement. :)

  2. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Interior Swap

    Scored a nice velour interior last weekend

    gave it a good wash with Dr. Beckmans carpet stain remover, was actually a good result, cleaned it up quite nice. I was told to use fabreeze but I couldnt find any

    Then unloaded a can of scotch guard on it all, the seats got 2 light coats about 60 mins apart


    Then set about pulling the old stuff out


    dash, console and rear seats all done. Also fitted a new soft leather handbrake boot and run a USB extender cable from the dash into the armrest console


    doorcards and seats done


    A good productive day, very happy with the result, feels so much nicer :)

  3. SIM300


    Looks great, nice job.
  4. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Looking good Ramon , not too low, but just low enough.
  5. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Turned my attention to the TT, 1st job was the NA subframe and NA PS swap. Subframe went in with no hitches, installed traction rods and toe arms prior to fitting

    Still hunting a set RUCAs, thinking about these (whiteline) ... not cheap @ $346 tho

    FUCAs and tension rods also ready to go in when the new Teins arrive

    The PS pump proved to be a bit of a pain, so many things needed removing, knocked the PTU plug loose in the process and spent a while hunting for a miss until I realised


    Picked up a TT engine and box, came with a free shell and other bits :)


    considered hiring a crane, or borrowing a mates one but given what I wanted to do and the time I needed it $200 for a new one seemed a no brainer, figured I might get $150 for it when im done with it


    ok, ready to pull this engine


    The AT tranny had a torque converter that wasnt stock so that was put away for another project down the track


    So now the engine will get new rings, auto cams and probably high flow turbos... in front of an NA rear end should make for a fun daily :)

    this was parked outside work a few weeks back, couldnt help snap a pic to share

  6. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

  7. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Suspension Install

    Thanks Scotty, ended up getting the hardrace ones, looked quite good

    Dropped the ride height slightly, didn't want to go too far until the side skirts get fitted and I see what clearance I have left

    Still need to paint the hub and calipers

    Also swapped the wheels, think these look a bit better on a black car (yes i know it badly needs a wash)

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  8. scottyoz1962

    scottyoz1962 Active Member

    Looks good Ramon, remember you still have to have 100mm ground clearance , so watch how far you lower them, or those nasty blokes in blue or the a-holes in the grey uniforms will get ya.
  9. mtopxsecret6

    mtopxsecret6 Member

    ground clearance smearance.. you could always swap for my teins Ramon.. haha. I've got to come visit.
  10. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    While this girl was in the shed sorting transmission issues I took the opportunity to fit the 2k front bar, I love the NA bar, its its own kind of sexy, but I do prefer this... desperately needs a skinny no plate tho


    Also fitted the rust free hatch, new TBL and twinz bar, the colour mismatch is noticeable in most lights :(

    I know its an often copied look but ive never actually seen one, now I get to look at it parked in my driveway
    like I think others have said, I feel it gives the car a modern look


    I think quad tips look great on any configuration of Zed, but do like the oval, they bring a nice symmetry to the bar... or something, haha

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  11. QLDZDR

    QLDZDR ID=David

    I agree about the large oval. Mine are about to fall off because chrome (not stainless steel )
    Second choice will be round quad tips.

    That new Big open Mouth might swallow a stone, have you meshed it?
  12. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Quite hard to get a decent shot of the diffuser and exhaust without over exposure issues, just need to get the lighting right I think.

    Managed to score a stainless catback system from Toby so that will probably remain for the life of the car, its much quieter than my Kakimoto single system and although I miss the note from the Kakimoto, a single exhaust just isnt right with the twinz bar

    Bar not meshed yet, have seen many pics of bars that are not, did you have a suggestion on materials David?
  13. QLDZDR

    QLDZDR ID=David

    Aluminium mesh is what I see on other cars. I happened to have some plastic mesh so I put it behind my S1 front bar.
    I seem to be driving through a lot of roadworks in Brisbane suburbs these days. Picking up a few stones. (Annoying when they sprnd a year widening the road and then it turns out it was all for a push bike lane)
  14. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    A couple of before and after shots :)


    and the front

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  15. rob260

    rob260 Administrator Staff Member

    That's looking so much better
  16. Sketchy

    Sketchy Sick to the power of rad

    Looks great mate. Get the wheels painted at the same time when/if you get everything else done. Will tie things together nicely.

    Should have told me you were chasing an exhaust, I've got a really nice set of 2.5" rear stainless mufflers with quad tips spare!
  17. harty

    harty Member

    Looks a million times better, good stuff
  18. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Thanks Sketchy, up in post 45 the silver shell (Thanks Toby) that i only really got for the engine, included a full stainless catback so it was a welcome part of the package. Have since sold the shell so the engine, auto box and exhaust cost me about $500 :)

    Thanks for the feedback guys, always nice to get advice from guys who have already walked the path.

    Next few posts will be regarding the TT engine build, just need to take some decent shots to post up
  19. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Some low res images of the build in the interim, yes, i wanted the block red :p

    IMG_9539.jpg IMG_9542.jpg IMG_9543.jpg IMG_9545.jpg IMG_9547.jpg IMG_9582.jpg IMG_9584.jpg
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  20. FireHorse

    FireHorse Member

    Just some pics of progress

    740cc Nismos & coil pack connecters


    R8 Coil Packs


    300 Degree Fuel Rail


    Waiting on Turbos from Hypergear


    Looking very Shiny :D



    Didnt have my DSLR so these shots are from my Samsung Phone
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