does my new sig annoy you?

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by chickenbum, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    <EMBED src="" quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=130 TYPE="application/x-shockwave-flash"
    let me know what you think
  2. JT

    JT Track Addict

    cool sig

    i like it
  3. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    Why would it?

    It's cool.
    I personally like the one you've got at the moment, I still chuckle every time I read it :p
  4. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    coz it has audio

    its has sounds in it
  5. Scotty

    Scotty Guest

    Very cool

    never noticed that, always have music on :DWhat is good, is that it only plays once, doesn't loop. That would get annoying :)

    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Lose the sounds.....>>

    Some people check the site from work and it could cause problems.
  7. chickenbum

    chickenbum New Member

    yeah i thought so, cheers wykked (n/m)


    WYKKED <b><font color=red>2 Much Trouble</font></b>

    Apart from that it is very good. (n/m)


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