Do i just need a new mirror?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FairlayDave, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    hey guys,
    last night some dickheads thought theyd be tuff an hit my pasanger side mirror with a bat :mad:

    posted picks to ask if all il need is a complete mirror or is there more damge?



    any help is appreciated
  2. jaybo

    jaybo New Member


    bit hard to tell with those pics. need a bit more detail to see if any of the minor bits are broken.
    i'd contact Cresta, you can probably get one in good nick with the same colour etc. for a good price

    sorry to hear, i hate low lifes like that.... no respect.

  3. Blipman

    Blipman Beer hooves totally work

    I would guess that the bolts that hold the mirror (the whole unit) to the mounting part on the door have been stripped, you might as well get the whole unit replaced (that is the whole unit and the bit that attaches to the door, no one will sell them seperately I don't think). Shouldn't be hard to find or expensive. You will probably have to get one in a different colour and have it repainted though.

  4. quickzx

    quickzx Member

    Yea your mirror looks like its snapped off pretty badly!! Is it only hanging by the wires?? If it is I am guessing you would need to buy a new 1!!!
  5. FairlayDave

    FairlayDave New Member

    yeah its just hanging by the wire. il look around at the wreckers and cresta.
    thanks for the advice.
    i got off pretty easy. my mate got hit with a baseball bat a couple of times in the back, an they bottled this house an everyone around it real bad. i was just standing there and they turned up yelling, it was all done in about 2 minutes. losers :mad: :confused:

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