Cruise to Hill End with Z car club of NSW

Discussion in 'Post Event Discussion' started by XPL05V, Jul 6, 2022.

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    Just like Gilgandra, another bumpy goat track get me pissed Good thing the new Zed was at the end of the road


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    Cool photos. I read the article and seen the video on YouTube about a week ago, maybe a fraction longer.

    Been a long time since I was last on here, but I've still got my z32, and am about 4 weeks away from taking ownership of a new Z Proto 6spd.

    Might need to change my screen name aswell since I'm no longer in Queensland
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    What did you think of the new Z after seeing it in person anyhow mate?

    Hopefully the overall consensus was good.
  6. XPL05V

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    The consensus was all positive, you got to realise that it's going to be biased. The Zed car club of NSW, with owners generally having more than one Zed in the garage and if not, their current one is not their first and wont be their last.

    As a Z32 owner, you can see and feel the difference, especially in the interior. The new Zed is similar to that of the 350/370 where by they have tried to continue the cockpit/cocooned style (but mass produced) cabin. It feels very different to the Z32, but similar to the others with a tighter/cramped/smaller kinda feeling

    The 370 guys were still excited even though the look and feel was very familiar.

    Unfortunately, we couldn't drive it, so it was just a lot of looking, touching & feeling

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