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    1st 2 I have not used before so I can not give any info.
    the last one however I may be able to help with as 2 came with my car.

    first point they are serial ports so you need an older pc/laptop or a usb-serial adapter, I found both of mine were tempremental and would work fine then at some random point data would lock up and I would need to disconnect and restart, twas a real pita. I recently went to do a routine check on the car (about 6 months since the last) and now they dont work at all not sure if its a ecm failure or a cable failure but I pick the cable as I am getting no other issues or error codes by doing basic error code check.
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    give number 3 a big miss.

    go to blazt website and get 1 cheaper and better,i used the new zealand agent and he was cheaper than caz.
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    Also, be aware that Consult is not the same as a Consult cable. Two different things.

    Consult is the software, a Consult cable is the cable that physically connects between the car and the pc/laptop.
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    I have the first one.
    Haven't used it yet.
    But I bought it direct from ecutalk.
    Cost me $80-$85 posted.
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    search for consult on the forums, as consalts wont give you anything so not surprised there is no info on it :)
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    I have a blast USB cable, Datascan and ConZult tuner version.

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