Z32 Collapsed steering column?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NI85, Oct 25, 2021.

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    Replacing the dead bushing that holds the 2 steering shafts in the engine bay.

    I noticed that I had side movement in the steering column while stopping/countering the steering wheel from turning; while accessing/undoing the nuts of the bushing in the engine bay. The metal spacers as it were that mount the column under the dash are not attached to the column. The plastic pins are sheered. Allowing the column to float. If they were seated properly, the mounting studs are in front of the spacers:As to say the steering wheel end would need to be closer to me for the studs to locate.
    That would be a collapsed column?
    Car is actually damaged on front right side, but only really noticeable when looking at gap lines: door and front guard.
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    Yep, designed to shear off in an accident. You can JB weld them back together however I'd be inspecting everything in the system for damage as it has likely taken a decent hit (one car I saw had a bend in the top of the steering wheel where someone's face met it).
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    Turns out it definitely collapsed. 15mm from where it should have been. Had bought a second steering column that looked good in picture, but didn't show up in same condition. It too was collapsed, but not as bad, only 7mm out.
    It was able to be tapped back to normal position. Neither inner shafts had collapsed (gave same measurement as FSM), they just pushed back into the engine bay, only the top outer sleeve compressed/pushed inwards.
    From the lower outer column sleeve to the tip of steering wheel nut thread end: Measurement needed to be 450mm, My original was 436mm, and the replacement was 443mm.
    -- FSM.JPG
    All good now with no side movement of column. No in or out movement either, which was a concern
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