Coilovers For My Z32 TT2+0 Slick Top

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by Gunwarm, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Thanks for that ill go check out with google :br::zlove:
    I don't want rubbish :D
  4. Anti

    Anti 14.7 x 14.7 = 44.1

    Go check out Powered by Max too.
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  7. MickW

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    Dude, we need to know your driving conditions and your expectations before we can give best advice.

    Tein Street Advance coilovers with an EDFC in-cabin controller works well for me.

    Been using this setup on a mixture of good ~ average ~ crap roads for 5 years now.

    I can vouch for their adjustability via the controller -
    The earlier Tein Super Streets had a reputation for having little difference in
    ride feel and chassis response when you used the controller to adjust the damping force
    but the Street Advance coilies are much more responsive to your in-cabin adjustments.

    ** Funny thing; those average ~ crap roads are where you'll have the most fun because they're
    not so busy and not so monitored. But they're sometimes rough and rugged to the point
    where really stiff rear suspension is maybe not the best idea, especially on a tight bend at WOT :)
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  8. FireHorse

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    Hey Mick, would love to see some pics / video of the EDFC in action. Which version do you have? Did you ever run without it, if so did you notice much difference on handling in corners and such?

    I am in the market for the EDFC Pro to sit on my Flex-Z teins
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  9. MickW

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    Dude, I've got no vids but about a hundred pics of the installation process.
    Never got around to posting a "how to" on here.

    Version? Dunno. Mine was the first Street Advance & EDFC kit that ever came into Australia,
    I got Fulcrum Suspension to fly it in from Japan before it became available for sale here.
    I'll get back to you with more details soon.
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  10. Chrispy

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    I had the original EDFC in my old slicktop. Pretty cool little unit, but the adjustment isn't huge. Which isn't a fault of the EDFC, but the adjustment on the Tein's (I think I had super streets??) Noisy bastards though.

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