QLD CMC's Hot Import & Euro Style Meet: Sat 27th May 2017

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    Well we thought this would be a good night and it didn't disappoint. Plenty of fantastic Japanese import and Euro style cars on display. Definitely Japanese dominated, but quite a few high-end Euros rocked up in the evening, which you can see towards the end of the pics. Rory and I happily few the 300ZX flag alongside some great rides, met some other 300ZX owners for the first time (came in their 350Z) and plenty of other friendly folk. :) Great to see Ken turning up for a sticky-beak too. ;) Hopefully CMC will do another indoor show in the future and we'll have a larger 300ZX presence! :zlove:

    Album here

    If interested, taken with Canon 70D with 24mm fixed and Tamron 10-24mm wide-angle lenses, plus some phone pics once the camera battery ran out.

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