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Discussion in 'For Sale by Businesses' started by Caz1, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. wooly1953

    wooly1953 (EDSZX )

    seat covers

    arrived today:D
    seem a very good quality material:zlove:
    all best ed
  2. j0no

    j0no Accepting Donations.

    short shift kits

    Are you still selling?
  3. Caz1

    Caz1 New Member

    Yes j0no,I still have some short shift kits in stock.

  4. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    Didn't see this thread earlier.

    Email already sent on A-Pillar replacement Guage Pod.
    Are there 2 and 3 guage pod units?
    Post costs via mail service to Ontario, Canada, K0K 2C0 ?
  5. Scott Martine

    Scott Martine Rollin on DUB's

    Wow, yank invasion of one!! :O

    Thanks caz my short shift kit arrived today :) (On a sunday? wtf? haha)

    Gonna have a good read of the instructions before i think of touching it. . .
  6. WhiteNight

    WhiteNight Littering and...

    We are a foreign country i guess.
  7. LOWZX

    LOWZX Banned

    John is a canadian you fool :bash::bash:
  8. Scott Martine

    Scott Martine Rollin on DUB's

    Lol. I forgot they dont like to be associated with the Yanks, apologies "Aye".


    ZXDEVIL Active Member

  10. jschrauwen

    jschrauwen My Fairlady Z

    No worries mate....LOL. I got a good chuckle out of it too. We're a bit of an orphaned crowd you might say. There were Canadian Spec Z's made that were slightly different than the USDM ones which are now beginning to be popular with the US guys. For some reason, they want to acquire the Canadian spec front bar/facia due to it having the front headlight sprayer nozzles. A novelty to them I guess.
    Then there's the JDM crowd like me who have taken advantage of the 15 year import rule that's still barely in effect. This crowd isn't very popular with the US guys for reasons I can only speculate. Hence my need to try to keep in touch here and occasionally try to acquire those bits that are RHD unique. Like the RHD A-Pillar Guage Pod.

    I see that Caz is also carrying some non decript silicone hosing in various sizes. It seems quite the popular thing now that there seems to be a lot of revuilds going on that people are opting to replace as many rubber hoses with silicone ones. CZP and Z1 have started already with a number of pre-formed ones for various applications. I'm looking to here to see if there's movement towards the preformed silicone hoses to replace the Brake Booster and Clutch Booster Vaccum assist. Even the new oem LHD preformed rubber ones area completely different shape than the RHD ones and I'd rather get silicone ones if they're on the horizon rather than ordering the oem RHD ones.

    Just got an email from Caz saying she's got a new batch of Pillar Pods in and she's still waiting on the Brake and Clutch booster hoses for nearly 6 months.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2008
  11. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart


    Stainless steel hard pipe sets too please :D

    I can only ask hey !

    the alloy ones wont work for me..... need to be stainless for my application.
  12. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

  13. Caz1

    Caz1 New Member

    That was an old pic :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. HEAVEN

    HEAVEN New Member

    Seat Covers

    Hey mate,
    I would like a pair of seat covers with red lettering.. please e-mail account details to


  15. BADZX

    BADZX Grumpy old fart

    It came from your web site :p

    So can we get a deal on the hard pipes ????

  16. NZED

    NZED New Member

    could you tell me freight cost to send one of your Hi-Cas lockout bars to New Zealand please.
  17. Archon

    Archon Power Overwhelming

    Hey caz, do you have any of the tripple guage pods left?
  18. relect

    relect New Member

    Hey Caz, i'm interested in a brake upgrade kit 1. And replacement pads (daily driver stuff) for front and rear. I'm in Albury 2641 so freight$? I'm in need of replacement stock rear rotors as well but depending on freight I'm prob. better of getting them local?
    Thanks heaps...Marcus
  19. Caz1

    Caz1 New Member

    Hi NZED,
    Air freight to NZ would be $36 or Express Air $41.
    Caz :)

  20. Caz1

    Caz1 New Member

    Archon, yes I do have triple gauge pillar pods in stock :)


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