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    Expression of Interest - Carcraze - Many of you know me fairly well as I've been part of the AUS300ZX club since 2002. I setup about five years ago (mainly to help pay for my hobby) and it's grown quite a bit since then. A year or two ago I had to make a conscious decision to limit its growth as I simply didn't have the time to dedicate to increased business. Life moves along and now I'm faced with the truth that I will have diminishing time in the future to maintain the business. So I'm throwing it out to the Z community first to see if anyone is interested in taking over. The business in its current state is a good second / part time income. I'm not even chasing any money for it. An interested party would only need pay for the stock (cost price). Currently Carcraze has the commercial website and an ebay shop (good positive feedback history). It's a very easy business to run.....order in stock, pack sales that come through, maintain listings. All of the stock management etc is done through a single hub which tracks everything.
    Would suit someone looking of a part time income, or someone willing to put in some extra time and money to turn it into a full time business. I did consider this myself as the infrastructure is there so all you need to do is increase product lines (introduce other models parts). I simply do not have the time. Extra benefit is that all your Z parts are suddenly tax deductible!
    Anyone with questions or interest can call me (contact details on the website) for an open discussion. I'm not under any pressure to do anything so trading will continue as usual until I find someone to take over.
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    I wish you the very best Marcus,not many left like you.
    Cheers Peter RTE38
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    ADAMZX 2000spec Conversion

    hey abrisz sorry to hear your unable to continue with this business venture which i have purchased from you before and been very happy with the service you provided.

    i have been in the retail business working for around the past 10 years and im currently working at repco so i unserstand how the auto industry works and i think this opportuntiy is very tempting for myself and i will be discussing it with my wife to see if i would be able to take this business on as i would love to provide the z community with more z parts in australia. best of luck abrisz
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    Wish i had the time and money myself, be a nice little side earner from the slave labored hourly rate i'm on lol .

    But i wish you all the best for the sale of it Marcus, be sad to see you go.
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