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    Hey guys, its been a while since I been on this forum. I am currently with Shannons and noticed a few other companies taking on enthusiast vehicles etc. Anyone come across Enthusiast car insurance. Who are you guys with and what type of agreed values are we talking about. Thanks
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    I am with Enthusiast. So far I'm happy... but haven't known anyone or heard any stories from someone who's had to place a claim with them so far....
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    I'm with RACV on a Classic / Veteran / Vintage policy (NRMA offer this as well). Now with club plates but previously had it with full reg. Significantly cheaper than my previous Shannons policy with an agreed value I'm happy with.

    Some restrictions to usage when on full reg, no commuting to work, etc. Should be for club events, weekend drives, etc.

    Now on Club Registration however those restrictions are removed & you just have to abide by your car clubs rules (& mine lets me drive anywhere as long as the log books filled out).
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    changed my insurance from shannons to NRMA Classic, saved myself $700 a year with a good greed value that will never get reduced if anything increase, shannons is just one big rip off, I should of left years ago

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