can anybody intentify if this is bigend noise?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by IANZX, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. pexzed

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    Remove 1 coil pack plug at a time to see if it affects the acoustics of the knock/tap.
  2. NissZed90

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    Hi Guys I had a similar noise when car was cold and started first thing in the morning a horrible rattle noise last a couple of sec approx 5 sec then gone but car was smooth at idle and driving so I was talking to a friend who owns an auto shop and spoke about motor oils I was using Pen-rite 10w 60 and i kept getting that noise but since changed to Valvoline VR1 Racing 10W -40 and wallah no more rattle noise at start up and even smoother driving and at idle sometimes feels like motor is not running, I guess in some ways every bodys motor is different ie different driving diff oils ect, hope this might help
  3. IANZX

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    i will try this as my starter is a sharp hard - clunck like ramming the gear onto the flywheel, its not a nice smooth gear mesh, it would be the case, also i recently changed to castrol 20w/50 oil... i always used repco brand, mabey this could affect it something on the bigend? but yes its not a knock, i know big end sound, i cant pin it up to the cams as the sound is definalty under the heads by the sounds of it
  4. IANZX

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    Gudgen pin noise is a short knock noise is louder when motor is idalling or open the throttle slightly under no load.

    this is the closest i can get to describing the sound, the noise will go after 3,500rpm under no load, and it still noticable underload, but not quite as much. its a slowish tick/ching sound so i will keep investigating,

    as soon as i find the cuase i will post up a thread with pics and pics of repairs, as it seems there are other forum members with the same issue
  5. RBZ 260

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    had a similar issue on my rb20det. all of sudden this knocking similar to big end.
    It was coming from lower part of engine and could easily hear it when under the car. was 99% sure it was big end. noise came from the sump area.

    got the tools ready to pull the sump off but something pulled me back to think about it bit more.Got me thinking to look at the pulleys and possible stuffed bearings. The timing belt pulleys were new and were too high from the noise.

    only one left which was a/c idler pulley. since I was under the car I removed the belt to disable the pulley. started the car and no noise. refitted the belt and noise was there.

    Replaced the pulley with new one and problem gone away.

    so if u got a/c setup maybe pays to take the belt off and see if it goes away.

    sure beats taking the engine apart to find nothing wrong with it.

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