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    Spoke to some friends
    They said "the default" i'm not a specialist but....Their opinion is...
    No one from DOTARs is likely to help or stick their neck out given the appeal, no person will want to get caught up in legal matters, its easier to default and not get involved in making decisions. Customs is not likely to help either given DOTAR's will advise it was in appeal - they will batten down the hatches legally speaking from "intergovernmental department speak" for the same reasons, but the request is easy for them to fullfill and doesnt contravene any laws there aware of.
    There is no Legal argument in defence and all avenues are exhausted as the owner has acknowledged that he does not have the certificate, had a boat attached and now does not have a defence of the vehicle even being "his personal car" but rather a complex story of two cars and an issue of paint.

    They reccommended seeking specialist help, but to quote the words of one "if he thinks the boat was a nail in the coffin then the personal car defence was the funeral arrangements and setting the date for the actual funeral"

    The advice is not good but it is not specialist either as stated, suggest you try the steps I suggested. Hopefully Ben can help you more as well. I have faith in that the institute might be able to help you

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    I still don't understand what the original import approval that was issued was. There are 4 possibilities. It was:
    - a Personal Import, in which case you are fine, once issued it can't be retracted and worst case you have to deal with the monkeys at DOTARS' archiving centre, who suck.
    - it was a SEVS import approval, which it couldn't be as it's not an eligible model
    - it was a race import, in which case it's just like a Personal Import and you just need to get a copy again
    - you didn't get import approval in which case you stand no chance as it's straight up not eligible and no amount of effort will get you anywhere.


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