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    This car has been a love of mine for years, I tried learning to drift in it but motor blew a few years ago. Fully stripped it down with intentions of redoing all the wiring and fuel system but unfortunately life happened and my young bloke came along, time to move on and let someone else finish what I couldn’t.

    So it’s a 1990 Nissan 300zx 2+2 twin turbo (was)

    I have swapped out the rear subframe for a R200 NA subframe and diff to get rid of the complexity of HICAS.

    Have a brand new brake booster delete kit ready to be put on with a wilwood master cylinder.

    Has a CAMS approved weld in half cage.

    Only has stock shockies on it, and some random wheels on the front and a set of standard S14 wheels.

    Few dents here and there, few missing pieces that I planned on changing (mirror, clutch pedal, tank)

    There’s a few loose parts in there that I will no longer have use for so they can go with the car.

    Basically it’s a good starting point/blank canvas for anyone wanting a drift car or track car. Or cut the cage out and turn it back into a street car ‍♂️

    I’m asking $4000 but I am negotiable, so before all the comments and memes come flooding in, message me an offer...

    More photos available once I’m no longer flooded in

    Located in Echuca, Victoria.

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