SA Brekky & cruise Saturday 7th dec 13

Discussion in 'Coming Events' started by Red-Z, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. Red-Z

    Red-Z Red-Z

    We'll meet at the usual watering hole, the Largs Hotel, for brekky and a chat at 10.00am Saturday 7th December, then off on a cruise starting at 11.00am.
    I have a route in mind of about 100km. Let's try to get a good turn-out.
  2. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Sounds like a plan. Time to haul ass and get this bitch finished. :)
  3. Zeo

    Zeo Active Member

    I might come down for the brekkie and a yarn.
  4. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Be good to see you Eric. Been a while between visits.
  5. Jaz

    Jaz Tattooed Member

    Sounds good guys! I'm in for 7th! Even with busted front bar (still!)

  6. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    When its love, it never changes.

    (for toms sake - above comment was in reference to Jaz's cracked from bar ;))
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  7. 300ZXC


    Thx bby.

    Keen for this.
  8. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    I thought you became all old and stuff. Working for your ISP company and not being social any more.... Whats changed.

    Red-z! any insight as to this route?
  9. Red-Z

    Red-Z Red-Z

    One route I was thinking of is up the Port River Expressway and Port Wakefield Rd, Northern Expressway to Curtis Rd. then east to Smithfield, up Uley Rd. to the top, right towards Golden Grove, cut through to Houghton, Paracombe, down on to the Gorge Rd and finish at Target's at Newton. Starting at Largs sort of limits which direction we head off in, unless we do a lot of cross city driving first. Maybe another time we'll meet somewhere else for brekky and head in a different direction. Everyone come with some ideas.
  10. simmo

    simmo New Member

    I will be there for breakfast. If you take the suggested route from Red I will have to peel of at golden grove.
  11. 300ZXC


  12. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Sounds like a solid run. I know of all those roads. Nice area for a steady cruise. We have a 50th to attend in the afternoon also, so depending how we go for time, we'll have to peel away too - maybe. See what unfolds.

    Went to get a new windscreen this morning. Found rust under the sealant :( gotta repair that tonight, then new window in. Then finish sanding and polishing, then assembly, then interior, then electrical...... Tight schedule.....

    Pfft, whipped.
  13. Lachiez32

    Lachiez32 New Member

    I'll be there in the daily for a bite and finally meet you all but the zed is off the road at the moment :(. Keen as to meet ya all finally and see some sweet cars
  14. Roadeater

    Roadeater Warrior of the Wasteland

    Still sweating on whether they'll let me have the weekend off, am reasonably sure they'll give me a lunatic pass. Should know in a day or 2. Wanna git mah freeeek ohhhn!
  15. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Not to worry. Another is turning up in a non z car. We'll forgive you both. :zlove:

    Ladies, hold onto you daughters. The friendly giant is being let loose! [TIS]

    Would also like to inform you that I'm franticly burning the candle at both ends getting the girl back together. I'm not sure if its love, hate, passion or stupidity. But its happening, tomorrow should see the body all bolted back together ;);):D

    Looking forward to this!
  16. Zeo

    Zeo Active Member

    Yea, hurry up, I want to see the quality of your work close up!!!:D Just kidding; am I still in front of Erik?
  17. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Lawl. No pressure or anything. And yeah. You're Eric #1 still haha.
  18. silverZ

    silverZ Member

    I'll be there. Told a mate with a zed aout it, he might come down just waiting to hear back
  19. Sanouske

    Sanouske Retired Moderator

    Good good. More the merrier.
  20. Ant j(bad 300)

    Ant j(bad 300) New Member

    Sorry guys carnt make it zeds of the road and to much to do before chrismas hopfully next year i will have the car and my shit sorted out and make it on some runs.
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